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Friday, March 16, 2012

Healing Artist Sketches of Early Years

The spiritual journey has been continuing with new discoveries every day!
My early years after doing Reiki were very confusing and hard for me as I did not understand why I painted and what I painted. The influences though spiritual were often so different from what people would relate to me, and opposite of my nature. I had the feeling that I was connected to my guides and as the years went by now I am very confident that I have not chosen art, art chose me!

One of the most strong influence which transferred into a series of sketches was about the Mira bai, the spiritual music and the eternal love all these emotions led to the beautiful sketches on mira bai eternal,  a series of sketches among the many sketches done in my early years, in 2001.
Pen Sketch by Rizwana Mundewadi
 Revisiting the early memories and the strong spiritual influences , the times when I painted like wild and I still do, without stopping for food, sleep and the energy has to be transferred on to my artworks, my hands would pain, become numb but I continued to paint ...and I still do painting with the same passion.
Sketch of Mira Bai by Rizwana Mundewadi

Series of Sketches in my early years
 Series on Mira Bai happened after I did Music Flowing on Canvas and adding more to the original artwork came about doing quiet a number of pen sketches on Mira Bai and her eternal love.
Pen Sketch Series Mira Bai Eternal by Rizwana
Sketches form an important part of every artists' work. Sketches have made me follow my instinct of spiritual paintings without thinking and this practice to open up my chakras was essential for my spiritual progress. As an artist i needed to break the blocks coming up in my creative process and as every artist doodles and scribbles I did sketches like wild!
These sketches are done on A4 size white paper and done using pen, whereas my other sketches are done using pencils, crayons and of course later on brush and paint. There was a time when I though of painting using only black colour and the white background looked beautiful. the lines and images would come up on the paper and since my lines usually did not have any meaning then, for me, though now I do understand everything was for a purpose, I did a number of sketches and en drawings. But colours could not be left and I realized I enjoyed using bright colours and that too thick and laden on the brush, without the brush, and this led me to do abstracts which were done with the same passion as I have more than 1000 paintings done using direct paint form the tube on paper.

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