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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spiritual and Sacred Geometry Oil paintings by healing Artist

34x23 Inches oil painting on linen year 2003. This painting symbolizes symbioses, a well and harmonious merging of both the worlds. The spiritual and the earth energy all in harmony. The colour turquoise is a spiritual color and of course purple or lilac is a very soothing and relaxing one. The spiritual significance of this oil painting is that it can be hung on any wall of your home. Especially this painting can bring good spiritual energy to your living room by adding elegance and uplifting the whole environment with positiveness.  20,000 Rs.

Spiritual growth Painting on Linen by Rizwana

Big Abstract Sacred geometry painting
 My Octads that have been seen in few of my paintings in oil paints on canvas. The eight sided figure has great power and is sued to make balance and harmony in the extreme and very difficult cases of disharmony. This painting can balance the energies in any environment and as the symbols have been used to ultimate power they can heal any negativity in your environment and life.This symbolic sacred geometry painting is done in 2010 using oil paints on canvas and size- 45x35 Inches. 50,000 Indian rupees.
Sacred Geometry by Rizwana Mundewadi
 A symbolic abstract geometric painting done on oil sketch paper is also one of my favorites due to the brown colour of stability used. This painting is very good to hang in your living room or office especially in the center of your home, and will create healing energies for stability and growth. Year 2007, oil painting on oil sketch paper, size 20x18.5 Inches. 20,000 Indian rupees.
Spiritual painting
Oil painting on canvas, 'Body is the temple and soul is the sailor'  year 2003. Size 29x18 Inches. 20,000 Indian Rupees.

Energy Flow in Temple spiritual painting by Rizwana Mundewadi

 This painting done on canvas is a spiritual painting for healing. It indicated growth and the passing of white reiki energy, white light from the whole body and through all your chakras and enlightening and purifying each cell and each part. Oil painting done on linen year 2003 , size 33x23 Inches. 20,000 Rs.
Sacred Geometry Painting by healing Artist Rizwana
A geometric abstract painting, Possessions done on paper using oil paints. year 2003. 27x19 Inches Price 15,000 Rs.


  1. These oil paintings are really heart touching. It seems like a symbol of peace. These are awesome and outstanding......Great Work ... :)


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