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Friday, March 16, 2012

Symbols Sketches with Paint by Healing Artist Rizwana

Symbols were always with me as I revisited my early paint sketches done using brush and back oil paint. In year 2001 as I did pencil and pen sketches I also did some using direct black paint and was this the time when calligraphy which was not known to me then was emerging in my art style. As of now I do use symbols and make symbolic healing paintings but yes they are full of colours! I just cannot control myself and not use as many colors as I can, I love the texture of oil paint, the thickness, the smell, the layers of thick paint over the canvas, how could I possibly not use colours and just do black and white paintings, not me!

The sketches done using black oil paint have some what similar reiki symbols but they are not very clear. My latest paintings have strong and powerful symbols and I do have full faith on my symbols that they work,and I have seen the effect of symbolic healing paintings as I have gone through this journey of spiritual enlightenment as an artist , a human being, a reiki channel. To make ones self hollow like the lotus or the lucky bamboo from feng shui ( ) and beautiful like the flower has been my aim in life and I do not know how much I have achieved this but am sure on my way!

Sketches using paint by Rizwana Healing Artist

Paint Sketches by Healing Artist

Healing Artist Sketches of beginning years

Symbols in Sketches by healing artist

Sketches on Spiritual Symbols
I was trying so hard to understand all these sketches and early paintings and it is now that after painting for more than a decade I have come to my true calling, painting for healing and using art for healing.

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