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Friday, March 30, 2012

Abstract Symbolic Paintings For Good Luck and Mentor Luck

Symbolic Healing painting by Rizwana Mundewadi
The symbol used is one of the eight auspicious symbols used in Tibetan Buddhism. The endless knot (palbheu)  is symbolic of good fortune of complimenting every aspect of life in harmony. The earth and the heaven all in harmony and well balanced.

Feng shui painting for good luck and prosperity

Chinese symbols have become a very important art of making healing symbols along with other symbols. As the Chinese text is very beautiful and each word is written in compact manner and also has so many symbolic meanings I love symbols.Each symbol is used to express many things with a single alphabet.
'Spread you wings' Symbolic abstract healing painting by Rizwana Mundewadi
Reiki symbols and other symbols used in different religions and cultures also come up in my healing art but at present these are predominant as I am a Reiki master and for increasing power of any symbol I use this healing technique to make healing art.
Feng shui cure for prosperity luck

Feng shui cure for Mentor Luck
Symbolic abstract and feng shui paintings have become a very important part of my healing art. As I try to follow my guides and use symbols that come up when I paint I do not have the exact purpose when I begin the intentions are most important and then have to keep the mind empty and go with the flow.
Yes I have experienced it that when I plan a painting and think about the composition, colour theme and concepts all goes hay wire and the painting is a mess. I do not know whether this is okay for artists or we have to plan and make sketches and then paint on canvas. this is the only way I can paint, that is immediate and on the spur of the moment., I think thats what keeps my originality and my art unique.


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