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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pencil Sketches Year 2006 by Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Pencil sketches done in year 2006 had still life and many pots along with flowers.
My hand at abstraction in pencil was one of the aims that I tried doing using pencil as a medium for painting. I was on the path of leaving colours from my life and even to the point that would even wear black, and would often end up having many blacks in my wardrobe. Trying very hard to let go colours and doing pencil sketches only made my will more stronger that there was no life without colour! God has made this beautiful universe that has its identity with colours! Nature has so many colours that even your whole life you keep studying there will still be some new shade or hue which you have not seen. Observing nature carefully and many quiet years of my life , sitting and meditating in our terrace garden, under the open sky,  observing each leaf, each petal of new blooms and every bird and butterflies that pondered over out garden, the life of insects and the life of plants, their growth patterns , the survival of nature all this were lessons and a part of my artist journey that led me towards doing healign art.

Open Window Pencil Sketch Year 2006. by Rizwana
Still Life from Imagination , pencil Sketch  by Rizwana

Still Life Pencil Sketch by healing Artist
Pencil Sketch of Pots

Still life in pencil by Healing Artist

The Single Pot, Still life in pencil Year 2006 by Rizwana

Abstract Still Life Year 2006 by rizwana mundewadi
Nature is our best teacher, and every artist will swear by this, just that people travel to learn and I go inside and leave the outside, the inner journey of understanding self, the soul healing which is essential part of any healers life..
Understanding art by doing pencil sketches is a major part of my artist journey. The use of pencil gives total freedom and using various strokes confidently without any restrictions. using cloth for shading purposes, strokes using different pressure and pencils of different numbers all helped to make pencil sketches to life.  And you can make beautiful art without messing up with paint! though do be prepared for black hands (pencil lead)!

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