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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Abstract paintings by Healing Artist Year 2000

After painting few floral paintings in the year 2000 came the great moment of discovery. As I discovered the sheer texture and thickness of oil paint I started painting directly from tubes! my first major break through in abstracts!
The process was energetic, healing and out of this world. The paintings began pouring and my hands were numb. I did a lot of paintings and by lot I mean lots!

Evolution Series Painting by healing artist 
 The first paintings were done in series of 8 and I called it 'the evolution series' evolving as an artist, evolution form of a painting and evolution as in human race. the paintings are self explanatory and though now in bad condition  they were done on paper , I have preserved them for sentimental purpose.
 From then I have left doing series as I cannot concentrate on one topic for more and also I have noticed my art going from bad to worse doing the same things over and over! so every painting is unique and done only once, and I move on excel now I have done a few paintings on feng shui series but they are totally different paintings using different themes and topics.
Abstract painting by rizwana
 Abstract art is very healing and there are no limitations and they flow according to your mood. the colours selected will depend upon your mind status and the strokes will be according to your nature, the whole process of painting abstracts is a very spiritual journey and with each painting the artist travels into space.

Abstract by Rizwana
The symbolic representations can be viewed by different people with different meanings, that's the beauty of abstracts!
Abstract by healing artist

Abstract painting by rizwana

Colourful abstract - Colorful Fishes

Symbolic painting- Journey by healing artist

Abstract painting 

Symbolic abstract 
painting by healing artist
Still life in abstract by rizwana

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