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Friday, March 30, 2012

New Technique for painting, Musical Lines Series year 2001 and 2002

 The year 2001 and 2002 was one that made me try and try out different techniques to use paint. It was not just about painting anyhow. I still do not understand why I did what I did. It was as if I had little time and I had to paint so much, and still it is the same, bombarded with so many ideas and struggling with painful hands to paint!resources are low and still have to paint.Would be good if now I sell some art.
Musical Lines Crayon on paper by Rizwana
 Musical lines happened in 2002 after the year 2001 of crayon scribbling, Studies using crayon were done using paper as base. Scribbling led to making lines with some direction and later on with meaning. now my liens have got meanings and they also have power in from of symbols.
Musical Lines Series in healing Art

Crayon and water Colour 2001
 Crayons landscapes and water color landscapes and after this I felt like trying the over lapping technique.
Serene Beach landscape -Crayon Painting by Rizwna

Purple Lotus in water color by rizwana

Crayon painting by Healing artist

Landscape in water color by rizwana

New Over Lapping technique crayon and water color painting
So first crayons were used and then later overlapped in black or dark colored water colour and viola! a glowing art was made. each painting shone in its own way, what was painted was not important but the appearance and look was great.
Identity series  in crayon and water colour
 search for identity was what came into my mind when I tried and did these artworks with great passion and happiness. each new painting was a discovery and gave me immense satisfaction and happiness, as if going one step ahead in my journey.
Search for identity series paintings on paper
The shapes began to appear after more than 100 studies and oval and triangle were seen search for identity goes on....but some parts have been solved of the missing puzzle of confusion.
The ego is very smart and dominating and the soul is very shy and loving, trying to come out of the shell from behind the ego the soul is now coming to the front and one day it will shine! leaving the ego behind, reiki happened , with the white universal light energy entering me my life has got its direction, the path is decided, only the understanding has come now , the journey goes on...

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