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Friday, March 16, 2012

Comparing Pencil Sketches of My Early Years

Pencil is a medium which every artist tries and in fact whenever our hands are free we doodle or make sketches. This not only acts as a study for learning and experimenting with different pencil strokes but also makes me feel relaxed and full of energy, and of course gives us artists new ideas and themes for new paintings.

The different pencil strokes can be done using various pencils. Though all strokes are the same when studied but every artist has their own distinct style of sketching which when observed is prominent in their pencil sketches. I am more attracted to the straight and confident strokes and curves though needed in some sketches for making them complete are a minimum seen in my pencil sketches.
The pencil sketches were done in year 2001 and 2002 as well as every year since then till 2005 for making a connection with art and a break from using oils (when there is shortage of art materials!). So I keep the flow art materials or no!any A4 size white paper will do and I am on!no wonder I have many early paintings and sketches done on paper.

Pencil Sketch by Rizwana Mundewadi

Plant Study by healing artist

Geometric Abstract Sketches

Pencil Sketches by Healing artist

Sketches by Rizwana in pencil

Early Pencil Geometric Sketches

Pencil sketch by healing artist Rizwana

My sketches of early years

Pen Sketch by Rizwana

Pencil sketch Study

Music Study sketch by healing artist

Pencil sketch by rizwana

Still Life Pencil sketch

Sketch by rizwana 

Still Life abstract pots by Rizwana

Pencil sketch of Pots by rizwana mundewadi

Study different Pencil Strokes Sketch 
When I compared my earlier sketches and the later pencil sketches there was a vast deference. the strokes were more bolder, darker and confident. I also found that I sketched without any fear of making good art. And once this fear leaves then come original beautiful art! 

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