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Friday, March 30, 2012

Comb and Brush painting technique year 2002 till now

After the water colours and the crayons along with pencil sketches cam oil paints which are with me till now and will remain forever. I am born to paint and helping people heal through my art with simple understandable art.
New technique using comb effect and end tip of brush. yes brushes can be used in many other ways in painting and not just the hairy side. So fine art was made using this technique ,again did paintings with energy, passion and lots of love and satisfaction. I used to be so engrossed in my art that would forget the time, the hunger , the sleep as if some one was after me to just keep painting!

Scraping the Paint Technique

New painting technique

Lines Paintings by Rizwana
 More than 200 oil paintings done on oil sketch paper with this technique. Size 14x10 Inches. 10x65. inches and 13.5x9.5 Inches. right from the year 2000 till now my latest feng shui and reiki paintings also have some of this technique used for healing.
painting by healing artist Raz

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