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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Water Colour paintings on Paper Year 2002

The year 2002, 2003 ans 2004 saw many paintings done using water colours on paper. The beautiful white blank paper and the flowy nature of water all came handy to study different strokes and abstracts in colours. Gradually the strokes changed into lines and forms and shapes. The study was tough as there are so many limitations to water colours along with the plus point of quick drying and light feel of water color works.

Water Colour Study by rizwana  Mundewadi
Strokes in water colour by healing artist

Water Colour Study of Strokes on paper Year 2002

Water Colour study on paper Year 2002

Abstract painting in water Colour on paper
 Symbolic art was also easier with the lightness of water and of course the price of art materials is also low as compared to oils paints and canvas. I did strokes, vases, flowers, lines, geometric shapes and many more artworks using water color as a medium for evolving.

Geometric abstract Painting in water Colour
Symbolic Painting in water Colour on paper

Water Colour painting by rizwana
Abstract Painting in water Colour

Collage of water Colour Study Year 2002
Spiritual Symbolic Painting in water Colour
There are many small study paintings, more than 200 done using small paper which can be made into a abstract collage painting in water colour.
Selling Happiness in water Colour, on paper 

water Colour study by healing artist, year 2002
Water Colour landscape painting

Water Colour Study by healing Artist, year 2002

Colorful water Colour Abstract by healing Artist
Painting By Rizwana

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