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Friday, April 18, 2014

3 Most Dangerous Feng Shui Paintings Hang with Care - Is Your Painting Doing More Harm unknowingly

Dangerous Feng Shui Paintings Hang with care - Is Your Painting Doing More Harm unknowingly, Art coming over in all places and making space for in your home and office has a energy of its own.
Is your painting doing more harm than good, sometimes feng shui masters have linked many life problems to the costly paintings hung on the walls of home or office.
Art can be of different interpretations to the viewer and most of the time art is bought either as a  status symbol by displaying costly paintings or due to first glance love for the artwork and it does match your walls or decor.  A thorough analysis of the artwork reveals so many energy aspects of each artwork.
3 most dangerous Themes of Feng Shui paintings are dangerous and can harm the energy of your home-
1) Bird paintings- In feng shui birds are symbolic of heaven luck but there are some paintings that have the hawk or the eagle chasing birds or maybe a well fed vulture sitting on a dried tree. This is also a symbolic artwork and of course has a bird in it but will do more harm than good to your life. Dried trees are symbolic of drought (in life) , vultures are symbolic of hungry wild birds ( eating away your finances) and the eagles soaring high, symbolic of high achievers (but chasing other birds) is not a positive driving force for good prosperity. There are many examples of bird paintings that can be analyzed and bring out a totally different feng shui picture.The same bird paintings can also affect your marital life when single bird painting is displayed in your bedroom in relationship area (no wonder the individual may not find a right match or if married will have frequent quarrels and arguments). Most of all if you buy bird paintings look at the eyes and understand the emotions of the  bird while selecting a bird artwork.
Crows are symbolic of 
Flamingos are great symbols as they migrate and bring energy and are symbolic of abundance but do the birds stay at home? aren't they symbolic of moving away in bad times to another place?
Bird paintings in cage are again representative of bondage and feeling tied down to home feelings.
Nesting birds are symbolically very good, great feng shui cures for couples wanting to have baby or starting a family.  but the other side is that the birds always leave the nest and go away.  
2) Nature Landscapes, the most common paintings that are bought and displayed for feng shui wealth and happiness. People connect nature with good luck and wealth as in feng shui plants, greenery is symbolic of growth and wealth. In landscapes people select a good feng Shui painting by paying a large sum of money and hang the artwork for goodluck. The painting , with distorted images of plants, dried trees, stormy seas, the dark skies, heavy rainfall, all represent a imbalanced feng shui energy.
Landscapes of water are most loved by everyone but in feng shui water artwork is not to be hung in bedroom which unknowingly comes up in most paintings scenes. By using different symbolism and color theory the same cure can be hung with modified energy. Fire a symbol for fame is one of the most sought after feng shui cure artworks, when you hang fire symbol in your house it has a lot of energy of fire as in image as well as colors. This may not be good for every individual of the house and many times small children and senior people feel suffocated and restless in such areas. For such homes and offices we need a different type of feng shui artwork that will bring in the fame energy but using different symbols and colors.
Wood used for burning and we are so fascinated with woody landscapes with earth feel. If the painting has fire it will burn the wood along side and if there is water there will be more growth and greenery. In one artwork if you have the five elements it is great but try to see that each energy does not clash with the other element visually. Just like the feng shui kitchen never has the fire, water and fridge in one line.
The same feng shui analysis can be done for other elements like metal and glass. Metal scissors, knifes and sharp objects in artworks display strong energy. Axe, swords, war paintings having metal arms, when hung in the east and south east are bad feng shui as metal cuts wood.
Crystals and glass are great energy enhancers and people love to hang painted glass artworks which allow different colored lights. Hanging glass false ceiling gives the effect of water over your head. Many homes see the fishes swimming painting over glass as false ceilings hanging above with beautiful lights, the art does look great and unique but represents a different feng shui energy. So also similarly fire, water, earth above our head is represented as imbalance of energy, even the color bright red on ceiling is symbolic of fire. Feng shui is all about happiness, harmony, simplicity and living as close as possible to nature and earth as possible.
3) Animals, especially horses, with the year 2014 the Chinese horse year, lots of horse paintings are seen in every home and every room for energy, strength and wealth. A horse single , or in group, dull color and running haywire with senseless direction, not good feng shui energy.  Horses can bring a lot of strong confusing chi which can bring restlessness. Distorted horse images are another pointers to confusing chi, like missing heads, missing limbs, incomplete body of horse, and so on.  
Bulls after the stock market, placing a painting of raging bulls in home or bedroom creates a strong energy which may harm your home than bring in luck.  Such paintings are good for offices, that too made with the right intentions and colors, we do not want the employer or the employees to go against each other. People usually love paintings of elephants as they are symbolic of good luck and prosperity, and in olden times people used to display elephant sculptures at the entrance to welcome prosperity. We find most elephant paintings of war or getting dressed up for war. which again brings in a different energy for the inmates. And especially when two elephant facing each other , always brings in arguments between the two powers at home. 
Dragons, a very famous effective feng shui cure for fame and recognition, great wealth enhancers, in fact the greedy dragons of fame bring a lot of energy which does not let the person to relax and they are always with the desire to work better and move ahead. With this strong feng shui cure people go along and display a dragon artwork in every room, fame areas,  Dragons of red color are great feng shui but there is also a fact that one house or office must not have too many paintings of dragons. A dragon near the bathroom is very bad, also a dragon displayed in bedroom is not good, even if in  fame area  .  There must be not more than three dragon paintings in one house , if more the energy goes to one of irritability and restlessness, so here they may achieve fame but at the cost of family and personal health,  life, feng shui is all about inviting happy fame energy.
These feng shui paintings have been used as cures since ages and are very effective when made and used, hung,  in the correct way.
A Simple 4x6 Inches Colorful Feng Shui Happiness Painting
Life is Magical!
This information is in no way to deter you from hanging any type of paintings you love. This is a matter of years of reading, finding information on feng shui, Feng shui is all about your personal choices and happiness preferences. All the Best with your paintings but in case you wish to find out whether your feng shui painting is doing more harm than good, or maybe hung in the wrong direction thus giving out less effective results, send your painting images to for analysis, and lets see what mystery the artwork unfolds!
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Thank You, Take Care and all the Best!


  1. Thank you so much MCX Silver HNI Updates, welcome to Razarts!
    All the Best from Rizwana!

  2. Hi
    Me and my fiance want to have a tatto of dragon and phoenix on the heart. Is it good? Please suggest. The tattoo is of black color with a little red at the bottom. Please suggest?
    Thank you.


    1. Gunjan, Dragon and Phoenix are great Feng Shui symbols for success, just make sure you have your finances and peace of mind as these are strong symbols of yang energy and not every one can handle this. On the heart, is as sensitive spot, most important organ , Hope this helps!

  3. Nice blog. I have a painting of kingfisher sitting on a tree with a frog in its beak. Plz suggest me whether it is a good symbol?

    1. Sahana, Kingfishers are good symbols, but the feeding part, is tricky, to hang. It may symbolize a good financial blessing with wisdom and eye for qucik opportunities. and also the opposite as to eating away the finances and opportunities.Avoid south east, wealth sector, we don't want to confuse the universe!

  4. Really great……….!!Feng Shui master's theory is based on the principle that your environment reflects and affects your life. The placement of items in living areas always attract positive energy. You truly aware of how it feels when you go into a cluttered space. You only know the effects of good and poor Feng Shui by understanding it.

    1. Yes, agreed, Neeta, Thanks for the helpful link, All the Best from Rizwana!

  5. Very nice ,very Gud knowledge.thanks

  6. Very nice ,very Gud knowledge.thanks

    1. Thanks Unknown! All the Best from Rizwana!

  7. I have a picture of a purple lavender field with a pink sky that looks like night is falling. It's over the fireplace on the south wall of my living room, what do you think?

    1. Hi there! This painting is best for north.

  8. Hi, I have the painting "Paris Romance II" which depicts a couple kissing next after the rain has ended. The woman is holding a red umbrella. Can I hang this in my bedroom?

    1. Lucky Man, What about Paris Romance I, bedroom needs to have everything in pairs. Yes you can hang couple in a painting, see that there is not too much water accumulated or drains overflowing depicted in the artwork. Avoid hanging near the door of the bedroom. Avoid just above bed. Hope this helps!


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