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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Meaning of Aura and its Implications in any Disease Aura Reading and Aura Cleansing

We hear many people discussing about aura and do not know what this means. With the event of healers everywhere one often hears the term of a strong or healthy aura and a weak aura. There is an outer layer or atmosphere surrounding our body image that is more often referred to as our aura. I will not fall into the dictionary definition as you can get it from any source. For me in simple terms an aura is the surrounding layer of atmosphere around our body. The power field as many refer it may be an invisible layer and not clearly visible to all. Actually it is a protective covering over our body.
Why does this aura come up whenever we discuss health, progress and karma? According to ancient spiritual sources this aura is the root cause of many of our good and bad problems coming up in our life. Our health the most important part is reflected in our aura. An aura reader will indicate any health problem by just looking at your aura even before the physical symptoms have begun to appear. This is great experience and believe me it is an out of this world experience to observe auras.
My journey of observing auras began when our Reiki teacher guided us to let go of all thoughts and observe any individual, plants or animals and see the outer, surrounding areas. Our first lesson was to make the aura healthy if you want to live a healthy life. Our past and future karma is visible in our aura and hence the auric healers’ help to clear off our bad past karma and to make way for a happy future. Observe the lady speaking in front in the train, the news reader on TV or any orator giving a speech. An artist painting or a singer singing all have specific auras and when they are engrossed in their activity and happy it is reflected in their aura. So also when a person is sick you can see their aura looks weak and frail and there are also physical symptoms of the disease.
Anybody can start this and get the experience of reading auras. And one can also try to observe own aura and help ourselves. Better to start by observing a person in the evening just before sun set. This is the best time to observe auras. Make the person sit near a blank wall preferably cream or white coloured wall. Call Reiki and clear your mind from all thoughts and judgements and all learned knowledge. Your blank mind will feel relaxed and open to new experiences. Just try to observe around the person's head and gradually move your eyes over the whole body. Observe the surrounding areas and you will see different colours on different places.
Many people see the colour red for active and happy people, green, yellow and all colours of the spectrum. For an unhealthy and depressed person the aura will look weak and you can see the person looks pale having this weak aura. The surrounding area will look dark, gloomy and no clear colour will be visible. This indicates that the person is suffering from serious psychological and physiological problems. An athlete or person exercising regularly has a strong and healthy aura.
Many Reiki healers try to connect to the person by viewing their aura and go to the root cause of the problems. Usually the present problems and diseases are a result of past bad karmas which the healer will help to clear off by Reiki sessions and auric cleaning therapy. This is done by aura scanning, aura reading, aura cutting and finally cleansing the aura. The Reiki healer will try to scoop the negative energies from the unhealthy aura or scrape this and clear off the energy fields surrounding the person. By doing so the blocks in the energy field are cleared and thus making way for fresh energized energy. Immediately the person will start feeling light, relaxed and will loosen up a bit. This new force will guide and direct the person in the right way. If the person has disease he will be guided to the right doctor or if there are psychological blocks which have healed the person will be comfortable with these people and his past.
This aura reading and healing helps for all types of diseases and even an healthy person can observe a coming sickness by looking at their aura, and thus taking preventive measures to prevent the onset of the disease. Regular aura cleaning sessions are required by people suffering from anxiety, stress, depression and schizophrenia. Along with Reiki aura healing will help to cure many diseases if used effectively along side of allopathic treatment. Since the aura reflects our state of mind and health it is very important for any Reiki healer to begin by cleaning and balancing the aura and then proceed with further healing.   

Experiencing Reiki will help you to be more adjustable and even the people around you will give you more love and respect. Try it to see the difference in your life.
Thank You, Take Care and God Bless,  All the Best!
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  1. Hi Rizwana,

    I've got 2 Horses, one brown wooden and the other bronze / brass / copper both on gallop position with thier front legs in air, my question:

    Where do I place them in office and which direction should they be facing we got 28 workstations & one cabin.

    Please advice

    Sridhar Iyer

  2. Hi Shridhar, I have answered your query on email. In office be careful with horses, energy. Avoid sittign under it and see the energy flows inwards and not out of the cabin.Have a Great Day!

  3. Hi madam

    I have send an email as I couldn't upload the picture here. Can you please reply to the mail.


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Anup, yes I have answered your email. Hope this helps! All the Best from Rizwana!

  5. Hello,

    Can we put 6 horse picture in the bedroom?? If we put it on south wall then the horse face will be towards the window in west side.. If we put it on the east wall it would look like horses are entering into my bed room.. Pls suggest... In living room there is no space to put the picture

    1. No Sandip, horse paintings are best in any other room ,except avoid bedroom


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