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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Indulge in Teal / Turquoise Color of the Year Paintings for Glamour Selection tips for buying turquoise colored paintings for decor

Blue Turquoise, teal the color of the year speaks volumes apart from being just a color. Turquoise represents a quiet spiritual aura of elegance and glamor. Your plain white/off white colored walls can come to life with blue or turquoise colored paintings.
Why do interior decorators love the color turquoise ? huge walls can be replaced with a spirit of elegance and glamour. An interest, a mood, a emotion can be triggered with one single colored piece of art.
Turquoise is a beautiful color having properties of two colors, blue and green. The water representing color, a very good color to bring in aquamarine inside your home for water lovers and under water passions the green also adds up as a great feng shui colors symbolizing growth, good luck and prosperity.
The beautiful blue color available in many shades of teal , cerulean blue, cobalt blue, ultramarine blue to the darkest navy blue can be incorporated in interiors in many many different ways.  Right from accessories to art one can uplift the rooms energy and create a new emotional appeal to your decor.
Turquoise and blue colored paintings have always been a  favorite among spiritually inclined art lovers but now as in today interiors boast of blue as a happiness and prosperity color with the coming of teal as the color of the year turquoise is welcomed in many ways especially artworks.
Buying turquoise colored paintings do take a look at  the right shade or hue as turquoise can be rather quiet and subduing sometimes sending out quiet energy for silence. The energy as always has been of one that is quiet and in style.
Turquoise color in itself is a quiet color but it can speak volumes and scream with a contrasting color orange or red. Usually abstract paintings in turquoise are chosen when they have great contrasting highlights.
Make your walls speak volumes with some spiritual colored art and paintings having turquoise colors but choose only when you need a balanced energy. Where you need strong energy like hotels, restaurants an board meeting rooms the turquoise may not spark off conversation or much creative energy which can be brought in by a dash of reds and oranges along with turquoise.
For the living room paintings select turquoise works only where you need happy relaxing comfy family place. For the lively families having parties and always socializing get together it can be rather quiet, which again will work like magic when given a vibrant energy boost with red and oranges or dark blues.
For hanging turquoise colored paintings in childrens' room care must be taken to balance the colors with yellows and oranges and reds as too much turquoise brings in serene calm atmosphere energy which is not good for a growing child. Having some cheery yellow will do the trick of bringing out the elegance and beauty of turquoise. A vibrant pink also does great for uplifting the energy of any room along with turquoise in artworks.
Untitled Geometric Collage by rizwana
Hospitals and clinics as well as healing centers can do miracles with this healing color turquoise. With qualities of blue and green this color will bring positive energy when used in proper shade or hue in artworks along with pink and white.
Some important warning for the impulsive buyers of turquoise colored art- buying only single colored artworks or buying turquoise paintings by moving with the latest trends would not be a right move always. there is a risk factor, you may like or may not be so comfortable with the color turquoise and having to live with the costly painting for a long time viewing them would not be a great feng shui  energy to you and your family.

I am in no way against any color and (in fact we have a turquoise kitchen with the warmth of an earth color chrome yellow ),  turquoise painting when hung with proper lighting can look almost heavenly and spiritual, suddenly taking the style quotient of your home shooting above the elite level. Silver and gold colors go very well in making the turquoise artworks beautiful and glamorous which can be done by selecting metallic colored frames for turquoise colored paintings.
The kitchen requires fire and if you have a decor of turquoise in your kitchen do add up some energy colors artworks to boost the earth and fire element.
Another important tip when buying turquosie as dominating color in paintings is that you can first buy a small size artworks or maybe go in for a print of the turquosie colored painting which will be much cheaper and will satisfy the carving of being with the times, ahead of times!
Interested in the latest color of the year paintings View a floral pot painting  Turquoise Pot with Pink Anthuriums, Symbolic art Pink Arches of Double Happiness , Geometric painting Sacred Circle, with the vibrant red ethnic painting Three Birds from Rajasthan , healing feng shui painting for knowledge wisdom luck and many more symbolic paintings.
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