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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Reiki energy motivational paintings can be used for goal setting and dream manifestation

Visualising your dreams and focussing will help to achieve them faster. With the simple symbols in symbolic Reiki feng shui customised paintings made according to your desires and dreams the visualisation becomes very easy. The power of the symbols helps to draw more energy from the universe to positively achieve the dreams faster by opening new doors of understanding, help and directions.
Motivational Reiki healing paintings can be used to benefit any individual who wishes to achieve their dreams. The universe ahs everything in abundance and one can with the right healing symbols and hard sincere effort achieve health, wealth, fame , happy relationships, new businesses, education luck, foreign travel luck and prosperity. The energy put up in the art works draws the individual to focus on their life goals and helps to achieve dreams faster.
Scientifically put these Reiki symbol healing paintings with symbols send a message to the universe for your wishes and desires. Also on the other side it sends important targeted messages to your sub conscious brain that you really wish to enjoy a great life of wealth health and happiness full of love.
In offices and organizations it helps everyone viewing them or surrounded by these art works to get a dose of positive energy and helps one to always remember their life goals and dreams, thus making them more active and work towards achieving their goals. Symbols for increasing the power of your manifestations can benefit immensely by attracting new business proposals, new business opportunities and new clients.
Phenomenal Prosperity Oil on canvas framed in wood ready to hang art

In Large companies organizations it can also help to protect and increase wealth and null the harmful effects by the competitors. Protection symbols, in feng shui paintings help to protect from evil eye and negative energies being faced by competitors, colleagues and working staff.
These energy paintings are all made to spread positivity and happiness and any healer can never every use them for negative purposes as the symbols are made only for helping others. The viewers will always benefit from the energy and there is never a fear of over dose as happiness and good luck are one thing which we always welcome and it is never enough!
Thank You!

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