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Monday, May 23, 2016

Horse paintings Symbolism Real Horses and My First Horse Paintings Horse Original Close Up Photos

Horses have come to the lime lute with Feng shui laying a lot of importance on horse energy. Domesticated, beautiful majestic animals, that give extra love and of course strong symbols of strength, focus and energy. The interest and passion of horses , beautiful paintings, analyzing so many artworks, I have thousands, black, browns, whites, colorful, abstracts, complete, incomplete, normal and abnormal horse paintings!
It is really important that the horse paintings you hang in your space must have good feng shui symbolism and representation. Somehow people never give this a thought and then day in and day out looking at these paintings brings a different type of energy into your life.  Angry raging horses on verge of a fight are the most causes for arguments and misunderstandings at home. People often lead their lives to loneliness, separation and complete closure of businesses with choosing the wrong type of horse paintings and hanging these in north or southeast sectors.
Horses rule north and north west and are great enhancers of wealth, opportunities , travel and creative luck, wealth and prosperity.
Finally after a lot of art lovers requesting me so so much, and it seems juts too much to now say no, after so many noooooo's ...I gave this a thought, and my first steps, of course, knowing me there would never be angry horses, they will always be a beautiful soothing energy that is focused, strong, motivated and soft, LOL the first painting did bring out three horses, or rather mares! The babies are Awesum, hopping happily, and of course my Chinese symbols , Complete good luck, fun, and joy can be felt here. Second one is with two black horses, strength and strong symbolism. Both acrylic on canvas horse paintings.
"Happy Galloping Horses of Himalayas"Acrylic on Canvas Rizwana Mundewadi
Some more to follow, drawing, tracing, and coloring horses. Thank you Google, my best teacher! After a lot of drawings thought of coloring some, and of course they are not so perfect but the vibes are Great!
Visited the Haven of Horse riding, Mahabaleshwar a hill station, western ghats, five rivers meet. great picturesque points, especially the elephants Head! Remembered My Airavaat!  . Clicking close ups, observing the horses, their deep emotions, really felt sad, very sad, after looking in their eyes...pain...sadness...their sickness, long hours of standing, , strong sunlight falling directly to their eyes,,,,eyes watering.....very very sad....God please free these lovely animals, they belong to be free in the mountainous regions happily galloping! and not tied down on city roads! in traffic!people , less food and more work, these are of course huge ones an require quite a meal! all those who love horses, love horse paintings...yes it is the best feng shui energy, ...go take a look at the real horses! ...hope God makes a way for these beautiful ones! Painted some black horses on paper, that was before looking at the original horses! As always paintings come before the actual happenings!
Small drawing coloring on paper, Rizwana, The Black Horse of good Luck!

Original Click, Close Up of Horse Head Rizwana Mundewadi

Close Up of Horse back, Original Click Horses Rizwana Mundewadi

Mane of horses, Decorative mane Close Up of horse head, original click Rizwana Mundewadi

The Magical Touch, Horses, Rizwana Mundewadi
All the Best from Rizwana!
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(some of my artistic expressions on horses coming soon on my website, thank you do drop by

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