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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Reiki Healing Therapy How Reiki heals and Why people do not get healed

Tried many Healing Therapies,  Nothing works
This is an excuse given by many individuals. I have come to understand that many people are happy with their sicknesses. How come we say a sufferer is happy? not in direct terms happy but they have accepted their disease and want to continue like that. Here there may be some reasons why a person does not want to get healed or better.
Firstly it works for them. They get attention, caring and maybe parents or a partner who pays extra attention towards them because of that disease. So they are comfortable with their pain. Secondly they do not understand their body or are very busy to let go of the past experiences and relax. Many office goers keep taking medicines and visiting various consultants for cure of their problems. But miss out on life's most important aspect..positive energy.
The universe has everything in abundance and you just have to tap this source to get healed. Unless they think and relax they do not reach the problem and the root cause for their disease and hence healing does not take place. They continue suffering and with the pain of the disease taking medicines regularly for their chronic problems. But they do not realise that popping pills is not the solution. Here we see many old people who are happy with their sickness because they get attention from their children who are otherwise busy with work. The body and soul has to be healed from within to present a healthy and well adjusted individual. One of the other reasons is also that the disease works for the family. Well here the sickness of one member works in benefit of the whole family and they are bust taking care of him. This again delays the healing and the patient continues the sickness.
Finally one does not want to get healed! here no one except God can help you. You need to realize that sickness is not life. It is much more desirable, attractive and happiness is waiting for you. Positive energy is everywhere waiting to heal sick souls. You can tap this potential from within. Go in and think and you will find a way!
Reiki will help you become what you are destined to become.

Have Attended Reiki Session and No Difference
We come upon many individuals who mention that they have attended many sessions on Reiki or undergone many healing sessions and they do not see any difference. I would not believe this. Not because I am an healer but simply because I believe in the law that nothing happens without a reason. And anything that happens happens for good.(though sometimes it is very difficult to accept this and be in thanksgiving mode but it is true).
Here the problem is coming with many that they do not visit a trained healer. Kindly see their experience and qualifications before going in for healing sessions. Many fake practitioners have given a bad name to Reiki. People often get carried away by flashy advertisements and give large sums for healing. A true healer has reasonable charges and their sincerity will reflect in this. Money must not come up with every discussion and the patient and their problems must be heard of carefully. An understanding healer helps the patient to be at ease and share their problems.
Also a good healer will not get emotionally attached with the patients. This is the rule if thumb for any healer and it is in benefit of the patient. Whenever I try to push intentions for the healee it does not work and remember Reiki will work only for the benefit of the patient. .Example if a couple are trying for a baby. All their reports are normal then Reiki sessions will help bring forth their past problems, karmic problems and desire to have a baby, whether this desire is genuine. Also if this desire will benefit the couple or have problems later on. Here The healer just continues to give healing as a empty channel and leaves the rest to God. The results will be in the best interest of the couple. In case of a sick patient of cancer the healer cannot come up with a promise of cure but definitely Reiki will help the patient to be at ease with their disease. Acceptance of their problems will help clear the frustrations and even their family will see the difference in  attitude of the person. Also they accept medicines and  other treatment in more positive mode of acceptance and thus show faster and better results.
One cannot force decisions from Reiki and it all happens with the will of God. It is very much necessary for the healer to be detached with the results and only have positive and clear intentions. There will definitely be some difference after the healing sessions. Maybe the person has acceptance of his life, well adjusted, ready to face and solve problems in life, gets supportive individuals who guide them in life, have happy relationships with family and so on and so forth. reiki can be felt in many aspects of life and not just the cure of the one problem the patient has come for. Try it!

Popping Pills  Always- Try a Simple Solution- Reiki
Are you the person who is in habit of continuously popping pills for small or big reasons? sometimes for energy, strength, mild headaches,mild pains etc. It is observed that many people do not wait and think that their body is giving them signal to stop, take rest, wait and then move. Like or traffic signal which shows the icons, get ready, go and stop, and the one that says look and go. Even our body gives us such signal but we are too busy to take note of these. We visit specialists and struggle to get relief but many times if the soul is not healed you may visit umpteen practitioners without any relief from your sickness.
How does Reiki help? By going through a session of Reiki you become aware of the presence of your aura, spirit guides and the environment. Simple things which you had not paid attention come to the fore front and you suddenly start realizing your problems and solutions to them. Acceptance comes which leads to the next step of action. If you are very sick you will be guided to visit a consultant and the right person who can help you. If you need rest you will get the realization that you are moving too fast and after the session you will come to terms with your situation. The healer will only be a channel and all they will just make you aware of your inner self. Once you are close to your self you will start hearing the guidance of your inner voice if you are lucky, in one session only! sometimes the healer may advice you to go for a course of Reiki sessions for once a week for three months or more depending upon your problems.
If you suffer from a serious illness then you will accept your disease and start living your life with the disease. Only now your attitude will change , that from self suffering and pity to a well adjusted and relaxed individual.
A simple way to tap this energy wherever you are- sit in a quiet position . Relax your muscles and mind. Breathe slowly and get command over your breathing. Ask Reiki to assist you in healing your mind and body. Rub your both hands together and feel the heat. Place hands over the problem part of your body and feel the difference. This session may last for a short as few minutes to maybe your individual body requirements even an hour. How do you know when to stop? you hands will feel glued to the body part and you will not feel like moving them till the part requires Reiki. When your guides are assisting you the healing will be much better.
Even healthy individuals can take Reiki for boosting their energy levels and this energy can be used to help others. Usually doctors, therapists and other people involved in healing fields feel their energy depleted after some hours of work. Reiki can help by restoring their energy levels and clearing their auras of negative energy they might have picked up during their practice. This also acts as an energy booster for daily activities to work more efficiently in your respective field of profession.
Experiencing Reiki will help you to be more adjustable and even the people around you will give you more love and respect. Try it to see the difference in your life.
Thank You, Take Care and God Bless,  All the Best!

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