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Saturday, April 26, 2014

How to Convert a Negative Image Painting into a Positive One with Feng Shui Simple Feng Shui Tips for Improving Your Paintings Energy

What to do with your negative image sin oil paintign, especially when you have paid a large sum and do not want to part with the art but feel negative vibes from the art. There are many times when we make wrong choices and in buying art it more so happens because we either do not love the colors later on or the artwork just does not fit into your decor.
Usually paintings at first glance look beautiful and you just love the affordable art and display it in your living room or bedroom. In feng shui the energy of paintings influences the life and all aspects of your life. Scientifically as you view the paintings daily the energy starts to seep in gradually. This happens more faster with negative imagery in paintings, like for example a single dried tree in landscape, which you hardly noticed while buying the beautiful landscape artwork, when put in bedroom will influence your martial life , beginning irritability, arguments and may also lead to split among the couple.
Another example of negative feng shui energy is war and angry birds animals paintings that are often selected for feng shui fame and wealth activation cures.
There are also some paintings that may not have any negative image but just by viewing them every time  you feel it is just not right, either the frame or the colors or even a simple cracked line on the artwork can create negative energy.
What you can do with negative images in the paintings you have displayed in your home or office-
1) If possible remove such paintings. Such energy will drain you of positive energy and all energy that can be used for your benefit for constructive purposes will go away.
2) If it is painting you love but experience the negative influence, you can get it repainted or some part repainted from the artist that you have bought the artwork.  example Like the single tree can have a pair, and the dried branches can have some greenery , positive feng shui energy!a black color can be changed with dark blue a more positive color.
3) With scratched , torn paintings, There are also artists who can restore and repair the torn artworks and make them fresh and lively.
4) You can also go and change the frame if it is cracked, broken, chipped and creating negative energy.  A simple change from a black frame to a golden one can imporve the feng shui energy of your artwork immensely.
5) Change the place of hanging your painting. Most of the times this is the main cause of negative feng shui when people use the best feng shui cures but do not get proper effective results from feng shui. There are a wide number of factors that influence your life and not a single one that can show miraculous changes.
All the Best!
Confident Strokes oil painting on oil sketch paper size 6.5x9.5 Inches (one of series) by Rizwana Mundewadi

Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort , for everything else there is feng shui!
Thank You!

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