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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Welcome 2016 with Surrounding Yourself with Symbols of Happiness How To Use 2016 Pantone Colors in Your Home Decor

HAPPY NEW YEAR! with the dawn of this beautiful day begins another chapter of our lives, a clean slate, I wish you all the happinesses!
Surround yourself with symbols of abundance and see how you life changes miraculously. Its the energy triangle with charged up energy ions that will make things happen this 2016! the Chinese Year of the Fire  Monkey is power packed with energy which you an utilize for your benefit.
While the Pantone color of the year has been decided they are this time two beautiful , my most precious loved colors, that is Rose Quartz and Serenity, Blue.
Meanwhile writing about the stone rose quartz I am more than happy to have this beautiful color in lime lite! as an interior decor highlight., my Rose quartz stone does have a special place in my life,  as the beautiful stone helps in self acceptance and heals all heart issues opening one self to develop love and compassion and is a very good stone in healing.
Healing Art by Raz
Rose, the color rose  has always been loved in decor,especially for bedrooms,  as it has a soothing energy of love. Popping up everytime over the years with every color rose color  can be added in different shades and hues in your decor. From the soft soothing to the old rose that is  darker version.
A little splash and sparkle of other colors  like silver and gold will definately give the WOW look and great ambience to your home decor this 2016!
While you can choose serenity for walls, just check that it does not create a dull atmosphere in rooms where energy is required.
For an healing artist what a joy to be inspired by these two Awesum colours!
Rose Quartz and serenity Love Happens!
A whole world of color combinations can be possible with Serenity and Rose Quartz colors in your home decor.
Art for blue modern decor
Healing Flowers Pink Blue Bedroom Decor 
And dont forget the most loveliest Yang feng shui color of energy, one of my favorites RED that is always here to stay and suits all home decor.
Renovating and refurbishing with latest Pantone color trends can not always be possible,, so add colors in form of paintings, artefacts, accessories and conversation pieces!
Beautiful Love Chinese symbol pink painting
Blessing of My Airavaat, Acrylic on paper, Symbolic Painting Raz
My Airavaat showering blessings and Spreading Happiness and Prosperity!
All the Best from Rizwana!
Thank you for coming by Razarts!
All the Best from Rizwana!
For buying symbolic and spiritual symbolic paintings please visit my website.

 Water near entrance symbolism

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