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Thursday, December 31, 2015

365 Days of Happiness Raz Wishing You a Great Future And Happy 2016

365 Days of Happiness, Acrylic and Oil Painting on Canvas
365 Days of Happiness Raz Wishing You a Great Future And Happy 2016!
Be gentle, be kind, be compassionate.
sharing a beautiful message- Dont be too harsh on people, their behavior or attitude towards you might have absolutely nothing to do with you! You probably don't know the hidden demons they are facing in their lives or the stuff that's happening inside the four walls of their homes. Just be kind, simple, sometimes that's enough. Sometimes it could mean the world to them. Gentleness and Kindness is irreplaceable!
Family, friends and colleagues, as we are on the last day of this beautiful year, I want you to let go of your past and welcome a vibrant future. Pause for a second and juts try letting go of your fears, your anxieties and your frustrations, anger.
Begin with a blank page and write your destiny, and the Universe will support you each and every step, with this, trust me!
Thank you each one of you for liking my blog, commenting on my blog posts, sharing my art, buying and supporting my art! I wish to Thank my lovely encouraging supporting  online art galleries Absolute and for giving me this platform to showcase my art to the world, striving  to promote my art, Thank you!.  I wish to thank all the social networking sites, especially Google, Face Book , Twitter, without you I would not have been able to show my art to the world! and FASO for their amazing websites, my first website, I really wish each one All the Best!
Rizwana Mundewadi Wishing You a Great 2016!With Loads of Excitement and Anticipation , Welcome 2016!


  1. I have two paintings and little bit confused which one is a good one, as i read ur blogs my paintings are not going with the direction so want ur advice. I have lots of financial crisis going through no income from past two years due to which had to shift my office in home itself in my living room had putted partition and using half part as my office space my flat is on ground floor so have two doors the home entrance in north and the office entrance in west direction.
    My only issues is with my income rest all is good I have a real estate firm and at present handling it alone due to financial issues.
    The one painting I have 1 black single horse running on a beach the backside right leg is on water rest all 3 up running towards west so if I put It on north wall of office than it will go out as the door is on west. So should i hang it on south.
    & another two paintings with 7white horses running through water in a same direction with the sunrise on back but then If i hang it on south wall where my office chair is there so my back is face to the painting and the direction is as horses are coming in through windows as on left hand side the window is there and if on north wall then the office entrance is there n had the same painting in opposite direction as they are coming in from door. So which wall is preferable in this case.
    So my main concern is:
    1. Which painting should I keep and in which direction.
    2. Or both I can keep the black one on my backside south wall n the white one on north wall in my front facing.
    3. Or the white one in office side in which direction south or north.
    4. Or the black one in living room in north direction and white in office south direction
    5. Or white in a living room which direction and black one in office south direction as cant hang on north as it is facing the entrance door.
    Please help me with ur valuable reply. Will be very much thankful for ur help.

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