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Monday, December 7, 2015

Please Do Not Buy Reiki Symbol Printed Items! Some Care While Using Healing Reiki Symbol Objects

Please Do Not Buy Reiki Symbol Printed Items! Some Care While Using Healing Reiki Symbol Objects is required. Unless you are well versed and understand the symbolism and energy behind Reiki symbols pleas edont buy items and objects with Reiki symbol prints.
The Reiki symbols are precious ad have been handed over by Reiki Masters since ages. Sharing them in art form is an expression to spread the healing energies around to thsoe it is required.
There are so many Reiki symbol art prints, objects , items on sale online, purely with commercial purposes which totally mars down the concept and purpose of healing art.
The base and foundation of Reiki symbols dates back to years of Reiki students who got attuned and were finding it difficult to visualize the movement of energy. hence the Teachers brought forthe Reiki symbols to help these to visualize and spread the healing. Just like me, there are many individuals who understand better and connect better with visual symbols rather than an unknown invisible concept.
While whenever I share my healing Reiki symbol art to my art lovers they are always handed over an Authenticity certificate which has the knowledge of the Reiki symbols and how to use them for best results. Then also a special care on how to give respect and what to do in case these artworks get damaged or are needed to be removed / changed your space after the task is accomplished.
This is really important that for the results and benefits you respect the Reiki symbols and use them with care.
While I see today mugs, glasses , cushions and pens, writing pads and chairs all with Reiki symbol prints, the most shocking thing I saw and it pained me was people drinking wine and beer in Reiki symbol Mugs! The cushions are thrown on the floor near the toilet and washrooms and when torn are straight shown the trash bin!
This is how the Reiki symbols end up when used for commercial purposes without knowledge and what more it is the law of the Universe , what goes out does affect your karma!
If you have a Reiki Symbol Art , Object , Print Please follow these Guidelines-
1) Always remember  these are sacred symbols, so if you cannot understand or respect them please don't buy them for the sheer reason of Reiki symbols and healing being the "in thing"!
2) Use / handle the object with respect sanctity and care.
3) While disposing the object cut them to pieces, burn them or let them go to earth/soil.
4) Never use Reiki symbols for hidden negative purposes.
5) Intentions are most important, in using Reiki symbol art if you do not understand the meaning and connect with them  and have no intent the symbols are just colored lines ! and will not bring healing or goodluck.
All the Best from Rizwana!
Burning of Some Old Paintings

Reiki Symbol Torn and Old Paintings
recently I have burned my n number of old Reiki symbol on paper paintings and with due respect the ashes have gone to my little space under the sun , my terrace garden plants , that have blessed me with lovely blooms!

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