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Monday, September 15, 2014

Scary Paintings Horror Masks and Distorted Faces Paintings Symbolism

Paintings of Scary faces, horror faces and masked images have strong symbolism and though each artist is free to represent what they love to paint and what lies within their minds being poured over canvasses you sure do have a choice to display what you love and what you wish to attract.
No intentions of hurting any artists who love this genre of art and give their lives painting scary images of fear and horror. 
With feng shui placing a lot of importance on what you display in your home and what view you get daily even the motivational speakers will assure you that you are what you see and are exposed to. Your human brain has immense powers to attract energy and bring it in reality and looking at distorted faces, horror masked faces or veiled paintings brings a confusing energy into your home and your life.
Unique Horror Wall Art

Scary faces and horror paintings depicting evil spirits, haunted houses and distorted incomplete body parts is a very bad feng shui energy that has to be avoided in homes and offices.  Incomplete and distorted energy is what you will attract and looking at the artworks being displayed in your home space in the long run the strong horror distorted energy will start to begin having an effect in your life by making you go haywire and lose focus in life, not a very good sign for family, wealth and harmony.
All the Best from Rizwana!
"Active Orange " in Red Bedroom

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