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Friday, September 19, 2014

My blue bird Boku passed away please pray for her,...

My blue bird Boku passed  away, Please pray for her soul, My lovely friend, Blue Love bird passed away yesterday Friday morning 19th september 2014, fajr prayers timing, 5.30 . very very sad, she was intelligent, active and graceful with loads of royal attitude, Three years she gave me so much love and always listened to me. Till last day she was active, female love bird she laid many clutches of eggs and till recently had stopped, but this one took her life and she couldn't, ... she was on her feet till last night also and did not show any signs of sickness....May Allah give her a beautiful swing, may have already given to this innocent soul, and loads of companions as here she would be alone and not mix with other birds but loved to be near me and always followed my instructions. 
The last day I spent with her as she was unable to sit and was on her feet most time. Warm water soaking and warm oil and loads of prayers , she allowed me to stroke her and the fluffiness reduced with this. Since past many days she was in depression and would sleep lots and eat only seeds. I really don't know whether this was because of the new entry of baby finch that our watchman brought from the society garden. She had also bit his feet twice and he was kept in separate home.
We have her cremated in our garden container, hope she stays with us as a beautiful flowering tree,Please pray for her....really very very sad...
I am still coming to terms with this heavy loss, she just was so active and always loved chapatti, and monaco salted biscuits.
Enjoying Weight Lifting exercise blue love bird

sleepy boku blue bird

intelligent blue bird

loving monaco biscuit

couple blue and green budgie

eggs of boku love bird

 she loved the home and like all other three would have her special corner perch. Would sleep less and was active even at night and I would find here snacking at mid night also. Her favourite foods were crunchy husk, biscuits, green leafy spinach or any leafy vegetable but fresh, chapati, bread, rice. 
The adventurous one had also flown from our window to the ground, eleven floors and found on ground, my son brought her back home , and she loved and lived so many years and ruled my heart with her special expressions and actions. It was just that she could communicate with me without speaking words. 
the only sound she would make when the male bird caught her and a sign of cry for help. other wise she would be in her own world and quietly busy, loved to shred paper which I sometimes gave her.
I took care to keep the floor clean so that they do not eat from bottom and their own droppings. 
It is really very hard to let go, hope she flowers in our garden...our family together with due respect have cremated her in big garden container of Allamanda flower ....
Take Care and God Bless!  please pray for her, ....


  1. Yes the dear little angel is blessing me with so many awesum large blooms!

  2. With time the pain heals but she lives with us in the form of the beautiful majestic blooms that sure draw a lot of attention!


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