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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

House on Fire Painting Symbolism There is a Fire Burning Image in My Painting what does this symbolize

Houses on fire, the paintings depicting such scenes or any objects or backgrounds on fire, especially with color red are the most harmful energy paintings for any space. Feng shui symbolism for fire element is strong and has been sued as feng shui cure for attracting strong energy to attract fame and recognition, to bring love for the things that you do.
Fire Image 
Fire used as cures in from of live fire, like burning diya lamps, lighting in color red, candles, incense burning, having fire place here, or having gas stove with flame here is considered to activate this energy into your life. Most of us feel that this fire in any form will attract more fame and go over board with feng shui cures without understanding the consequences.
In paintings fire can be depicted in many forms. This can be as burning sticks fire in a jungle, house on fire, forest on fire, burning of dead bodies, burning cars, or even as simple as burnt out tree, and many more. In landscapes fire can also come as burning camp fire and burning for rituals religious fire. Many times paintings are bought as they have representative fire element and color red and can activate the fame area of your home.
House on fire paintings can be a total negative energy work as the whole concept represents a house on fire, that is your house on fire! Wherever you hang the artwork the visual impact will be such that the area will be burned to ashes. Fire energy is very strong and must be used with proper guidance and knowledge and advice of expert only.
Especially if your bedroom falls in the south and you hang a fire painting to activate fame but it adversely affects your relationships and health as fire energy is not directly advisable in bedrooms. 
Imagine you hang burning fire house or forest landscape art in childrens rooms they will start getting irritable and cranky and will also affect health as they will not get good nights sleep. 
Fire has to be used in beneficial forms and there are many many ways to activate the fame corner with feng shui simple cures. 
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Dragons of Fame Feng shui painting by Rizwana A
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!

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