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Monday, July 16, 2012

Simple Understanding of Abstract Paintings

The abstracts of 2001 onwards are beautiful works on paper. The happiness, the emotions, the play of colours. All done in feelings of joy and happiness. I do remember the time in year 2001 when I first discovered the joy of painting abstracts.
There would be not time for stopping and creating and creating, just non stop! sometimes I would forget to eat, sometimes forget to even cook, time stood still and when I would stop the watch would have moved much much ahead, any abstract artist would agree with me that doing abstract paintings is an experience of letting out your emotions, expressing using colours, strokes, I have not used brushes and direct application of paints, right from the tubes, the turning of paper, the folds still visible after so many years, the colours vibrant, I love painting abstracts using oil paint. Sometimes my nails (they would be all broken and chipped  the time I finish painting!no change still the same I take pains to grow them and they just go down the drain.), the back to brush, the comb and any thing I would get my hands on!
Untitled Abstract by Rizwana Mundewadi
Pure Love by Mrs. Rizwana A. Mundewadi

Fountain of Youth Painting by healing Artist Rizwana

Faith, an oil painting by Healing Artist Raz

Abstract Painting by Rizwana

Release Painting by Healing Artist Raz

Over Flow, 2001 by Mrs. Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Snow Covered Mountains painting by healing artist raz

God Head by Healing Artist Raz

Basket of Fruits, 2001 Abstract painting by Rizwana

The Leader, an abstract motivational oil painting by Mrs. Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Soul mates, Feng Shui painting by Rizwana
Friends, Feng Shui Cure Paintign by helaign Artist Rizwana

Happy Sailing, Abstract Feng Shui Painting by Mrs. Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Spiritual Dance, 2001 Healing Painting by Rizwana

An abstract painting gives the artist freedom to use any colour, any technique and any medium. There is a connection and an attraction to colours that led me to enjoy these years of my painting. Being an healing artist my true love painting to heal souls, the earth and the universe. Let me do my bit to spread love and happiness. I have used simple A4 sized paper to paint these oil paintings and have posted a few here, enjoy viewing and do comment!
Understanding abstracts is not very easy and often people are without words to understand and express an abstract artwork. Some wonder they are blobs of paint, whereas some quietly observe to find new meanings to the painting. Abstract artist also use colour to express them selves and these paintings are called colour field paintings in which the artist expresses through use of different colours.

 A red is passion and energy whereas a pink expresses love , a blue is serenity whereas a green in growth and prosperity. From expressionism to symbolism abstract paintings have them all. The term abstract is to make short, simplify, or divide into simple shapes or maybe no form.

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