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Friday, July 20, 2012

Contemporary Modern Sacred Geometry and Cubism Paintings

Sacred Geometry Original Painting by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Sacred geometry is an important genre of styles which spiritual artists follow. Not only do they break up every part of the environment but also the whole universe and self is also expressed in form of sacred art.
Untitled Abstract painting by rizwana
 Many interior decoraters and space designers prefer to use contemporary and modern paintings as the traditional landscapes and still lifes sometimes become monotonous and boring. With no limitations to geometric artworks there can be any colours and any shapes to express your own unique preferences and choices. Doing abstract untitled works gives me the freedom to express and each shape is symbolic and an expression of self, world and universe. On studying about different symbolic meanings of shapes, reiki symbols, feng shui science of placement and other auspicious symbols in Buddhism these early cubism and geometric artworks still take a place close to my heart, as they are innocent works without any reading and information on art. It was as if I was being led and just had the energy spurt to paint, no doubt there are so many small geometric paintings in all colours and each one different and unique.
I love colours and my early works had loads of them. All spilled in one painting , I could not control the urge of restricting my colour palette to a few colours. Cool and warm schemes though I am aware would never be with me till I finish any artwork, and all rules would go to the drain once I would get in to paint. Now I have tried to learn to restrict and minimise my paintings with at least few less colours still you will find my paintings full of energy, loaded with many bright fresh colours.
Abstract Original Painting by Mrs. Rizwana A.Mundewadi
 Doing spiritual paintings is not only an healing process for me, my works still emit the positive energy I have instilled in them during the process of laying paints and symbols over them. They are manuscripts in small artworks with positivity and healing energies.
Painting by healing Artist Raz

Untitled original oil painting by Rizwana
 From peace, to mood uplifter, to refreshing, to healing the past and present my sacred geometry and spiritual paintings help to heal every viewer according to their aura and karmic needs. That's the best part of spiritual and healing paintings as we get healed and there is no fear of over dose!
Untitled Original oil painting by healing artist Raz

Untitled Original Painting by Rizwana

Cubism Original Painting By Rizwana

Opening of the Third Eye Original Painting by Healing Artist Raz

Untitled Original Painting by Rizwana A. Mundewadi

On Path of Mandala Painting by Rizwana

I would now love to do a huge painting, as I have never painted larger than a 40x30 Inches canvas and 27x20 Inches on oil sketch paper.. A dream to  paint and do a cubism on larger canvas.
 I have posted a few sacred art paintings here,  take an experience of free healing and do comment your personal reactions.

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