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Monday, July 30, 2012

How to Paint With Glass Paints Easy Tips and Advantages

Metal Centre Table with Transparent Glass Top
 Glass tables and centre tables are the most popular forms of furniture found in every home. Since glass is transparent and reflects light making the room more bright as a result more spacious we see many homes having glass tops for side tables, centre tables, dining tables and even shelves in wall units. Not only does glass tables reflect light they also bring out beauty in all the antiques and fancy decorative knick knacks that you have displayed. But after few years this becomes boring and I have come up with this quick idea which is very cheap and also does not requrie much time to refurbish your old centre table or dining table.
Abstract Painting on Glass Top Centre Table
Glass painting is very easy and does not require much time. Nowadays many art dealers supply readymade kits for glass painting as hobby ideas. Here you get ready made colours in bottles with nozzles. These nozzles can be of different thickness as you wish to make fine art or abstract art.

Easy Simple Tips for Glass Painting- Select any glass top in your home, whether you wish to refurbish any old furniture having glass top or make a new glass painting

First and foremost clean the surface with soap water and dry it spic and span as dirt or any material on glass will get stuck up with the glass paint and give you an uneven surface and shabby artwork.

Trace the design on tissue paper or stick on edges the ready design paper available ,you wish to paint on the lower side of glass top.

Use liner to outline the design. Here there are many colours of glass liners available and you can choose according to your design and preferences. Golden, black and silver are most common though you can be creative in other colour liners also.

Let the outline dry thoroughly so that the colours that you paint afterwards do not get mixed and muddied with your glass paint outliner.

Keep the surface of glass top to be painted flat on ground or on another table top as glass paints are very liquid and will fall with gravity. This is the most important and tricky part of using glass paints.

The outlines need care and sharp outlines will make your artwork and glass painting more attractive.

Glass paints are easily available in ready paint colours bottles and if you wish to shade colours you may need a brush or else you can apply paint directly from the bottles with the help of nozzles provided.

Shading tips for glass painting- remember to let your first colour dry off completely then go and apply shading with other colour. If you have learnt the art thoroughly then you can do it simultaneously also. Leaves, flowers especially roses will need shading to make them appear lively and bright.

In glass painting images of Gods or portraits use appropriate colours and let the darker colours dry off first and then add light tones to them or else all colours mix and make the glass painting muddy.

Remember glass paints when dried cannot take on other colors except for overlapping the previous colour so if shading is required it needs quick and easy movements with glass paints.

Why I love to do glass painting as this is very easy and quick. You can be so creative and free in choosing any idea to paint on glass tops with glass colours. The freedom to use right from the bottle and without messing your hands glass paintings take hardly an hour to dry off and though your need to keep them safe from dust and fingering till they are completely dry, give your glass painting at least a night and day to completely dry off. this is the same as when we paint with water colours or acrylics.

Care of glass painted top of your centre table-never use scrubber to wipe the table top which has been painted with glass paints. Avoid any sharp objects or artifacts as this will scrape off the glass paint from the glass top. Clean with soft cloth and soapy water and do not, remember do not let water remain on the top as the glass paint will peel off. Keep the surface dry.

Our Tea Table side table has become personalized art statement furniture of the living room as it is unique and looks very attractive. The outer metal frame part which was rusted was also painted using oil paints in abstract pattern to make the table a whole new piece of furniture. I do love and enjoy presenting tea and refreshments to guests and this has become a conversation piece!

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