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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How to make Collages with Paintings a great Combination

How to make collages with paintings was on my mind since many years, my very small artworks, precious babies, geometric and sacred geometry, cubism artworks, needed to be made larger. I needed a platform for these beautiful small works to be assembled and what better media than collaging the small pieces together.
I have learned many lessons on the way with only one collage to my credit and now know how difficult it is to make, hats off to all collagists, especially my best friend Vijaya, I don't know how she makes wonderful pieces!
Method for collage making-
Assemble all the required materials and pieces of art at hand. I had to spend much time, much more than expected to assemble which small paintings went well together, or maybe had some connection.Most time consuming but worth the effort.Not one session but involved many sessions, months to assemble pieces.
Keeping all the materials together like glue, a stick was considered best, since when I tried pasting glue with fingers the whole painting just falls in love with my finger itself,  comes out with my finger!
Rags and rough cloth is very important and water to clean hands so that the parts remain on the base selected and not come off.
Select a from base, my oil sketch paper was a thin base and the collage of paintings has not come out too good as I expected.Maybe next time I will select a firm base, cardboard, wooden board or hard board.
Always allow the collage to dry out, give it time, more time and more time, yes it takes time to dry thoroughly with the think glue and if you are making collage with small pieces the more important this would be to give it time to dry out well to keep the pieces glued.
Not the tricky part, framing this collage of painting, any frame will not do, a good quality sturdy frame that would be able to bear the weight of the collage and not bend out with the weight of the artwork is required.
Sacred geometry Collage of Small paintings by Rizwana
Maintaining the collages of paintings would also require attention and care as keeping them stacked like paintings would do more harm than good and there is also risk due to high moisture levels, of them getting too friendly and sticking to others, collages!
Here in the above posted collage of small paintings I have selected three small paintings for making a collage done in the year 2006.

Sacred Geometry Abstract by Rizwana Mundewadi

Small geometric Artwork by rizwana m

Colorful small symbolic geometric painting by rizwana
Abstract geometry painting by Rizwana M

 sacred geometry and cubism style artworks which I have done in "n" numbers ..this first effort has not come out too good, am not satisfied, so the remaining paintings are saved!

Maybe some great tips would follow from Vijaya, as she is a great collagist!collecting , assembling and bringing beauty into lifeless forms of bits!

I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals


  1. Hi Riz, The idea of making collages of smaller paintings is really good. It gives the end result an edge. The collage you made is very colourful and impressive.
    Here are some tips as you have mentioned above. I use a thick paintbrush to apply the glue medium to stick on then dab with a rough cloth. Gel mediums for varnish and gluing collages are available in the market. I usually water it down for gluing and then seal with a top coat of thick gel medium. If you cant find the gel medium, you can even use Fevicol mixed with water. I prefer to frame collages under glass to keep them dust free and I usually store the collages separately in plastic bags or lay a sheet of plastic in between to avoid them getting stuck together.
    Happy collaging. You have more such collages to make.

    1. Thanks Vijaya, you make it so simple, it is not, I know, Thank you so very much for the tips, at present am too down with the thought itself,maybe you should write a guest post on my blog, please, on collaging, the unique art!


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