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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The End of Year 2012, Forgiveness from the Universe

As the year 2012 comes to an end and we all try to assess, analyse, remember incidences, sad, happy, as some friends added some subtracted, I have to, we each have to thank God a plenty. Do remember to count your blessings and the world will be a much better place to live in. With the rumours of the mayan calendar predicting dooms day 21 Dec 2012, would life be the same if you knew this was the last day of your life.
I am sure we would pause to smell the fresh flowers, speak with every one with a smile and do away with all negativity, forgive and forget and live each second to its fullest.
Karma is always at work, what goes out comes back to you. Most of the problems in this life are either past issues not solved or past lives karma not cleared. Take the decision now and clear off all your past karmic issues, feel light and at peace.
healing paintings are just one way to clear off all bad karma of past years and past lives. The symbols used in abstract symbolic paintings help individual to accept and forgive and forget. the universe has everything in abundance and you just have to tap this unlimited source.
Feeding birds and taking care of plants is the easiest way to connect with nature and the universe. You may make it a habit to feed birds regularly and this is proved to clear off past karma. You may set up a bird house, a bird feeder, a bird bath or just spread seeds for them to eat. do charity whatever it is possible to the underprivileged. Another way to clear off past karma is to feed fishes with puffed rice with the intention of forgiveness from the universe.
As art is open to criticism and critiques I understand that painting symbolic healing art may be termed as hocus pocus, my karma over flowing on the canvas, or my inner need for creativity. I do not wish to prove something to the world, let the work continue to speak for itself. meanwhile I pray for world peace, happiness and prosperity.

Forgiveness a symbolic painting by Rizwana Mundewadi
I do not know why I do as I do but I paint healing art. people . Everyone is free to interpret this art. 

Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi Healing Artist Raz
Leaving the world with happy colorful art is my aim , hope I am on the right path... the journey of the red pilgrim continues...
Wishing all a Merry Christmas and a Very Very Happy New year Ahead, Take care and God Bless! wish I get to meet santa...


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