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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Art of Doing Nothing, In Search of Complete Happiness

Complete Happiness Symbolic Abstract Painting by Rizwana

Happiness in life depends on how you perceive it..that's why there are some 'Happy beggars' and some 'Sad millionaires' in this world.
The fact that everyone is in search of happiness, and happiness, is like a  bird  who flies away when you try to follow it. the more you try hard for it the more it goes far away, happiness is a feeling , a moment, a simple gesture, each one has a different opinion, but we all agree it is very important. As our pet parakeet is still missing I am praying she keeps well wherever she is. The search continues..
As this year 2012 is coming to an end am again  pressed with thoughts about new year resolutions. Let us all agree that we wish the world is more happier, more peace and more prosperity. Who would not like happiness around, colorful flowers blooming, all humans friends, the earth a happier place to live and grace welcomed by one and all. With health the first followed by wealth, and then the list is endless..people wish for so many things without realizing that all these are material things, we are in fact in search of happiness. 
Hardly do people take a pause and break from their routines and think, life is so fast, I wish we all make this resolution for the new year, to take out some time for ourselves.
Time , hard to find for some but not impossible. Select priorities, and when you look at the returns you will agree it was worth it. From the daily 24 hours that you get, take a break of at least 10, 20, 30 minutes as your schedule permits you. 'Time for me' explain this to your family. Here you will not do anything, just sit ,relax, think and allow whatever thoughts wish to come, try to avoid negative thoughts and allow good happy thoughts. You may think of happy occasions , that which brought a smile on your face, made your family happy, made your friends jump with joy, try , you will find many such pretty moments which you have lost to the daily hustle of this life, they are always there, you just have to experience them again.
"The Art Of Doing Nothing" just sit , connect with nature, God, Universal Power, you do not have to read, meditate or sing , just be there, nothing, leading to empty mind. The most essential energy need of the hour for every human being, take time out, learn the art of sometimes doing nothing. Let all the stress dissolve, let the emotions come forthe, even if they are negative, anger, hatred, jealousy., analyse the situations, they are not as they seem, most of the times we exaggerate the severity of negativity. learn to take one day at a time.
Some feel wealth will bring happiness, but this is not so, that you learn after you reach this, some feel good health, jewellery, property, investments, but you will observe as each aim fulfills you come to know all these are mere materialistic things, happiness will be but for the moment and then again the same feelings, some vacuum, search for your true moment of happiness, make a beautiful world, within, where you can go and come at your wish. Do not allow anyone to control this home of your mind, and do not allow weeds grow in this garden of your mind, keep it always pure clean fresh and colorful.
With this routine of some 'time out' daily you will observe a new surge of positive energy surround you. A strength that develops, a new clear vision of what you want from this life, your goals. Continue making new year resolutions, do some, break some, (rules are meant to be broken!) make new ones, mould some, twist some, persist for some and let go of some, that's life!
The painting above is titled "Complete Happiness" a small abstract symbolic canvas oil painting. The feng shui painting is done using yin and yang energy colours. Colorful symbolic painting of the yin yang symbol, a universally accepted symbol of harmony. The Reiki Seichem symbol used in golden color in the mandala structure, sacred symbol geometry,  is symbolic of purification.
I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals. For viewing my healing paintings visit my website Thank You!

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