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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Art Materials.

Art materials are available at art stores and stationary shops. Even art stores have sites online where artists can view the gallery and catalogues of different art amterials. Paintings can be done using different materials like water colours, oil paints,wax crayons, pencil colours or even charcoal pencils.
Each artist has to find out which materials they are comfortable with. Over the years practicing different styles the artist develops their individual style of painting.Some artists can jump from material to materila na dare comfortable with any art materila where as other just cannot work in any other material than which they are comfortable with. This depends on the individual artist and their seniority. Some artists like to change styles and as doing water colour previously may turn to oil paints or vice versa.
Creative artists sometimes also dabble with collages and murals as the art field has unlimited dimensions. Each piece of art is unique and every artist brings out the best by using the same art materials. Brushes of different materilas are used and some artists may be selective of the size and types of brushes used by them.
Different paints using glitter, gloss or metallic are also available in the market. There are many options for the artist to let go of their creative juices and make beautiful artworks. Many oil paint companies supply art materials to the residence or studio of the artist for free. There are also concessions in percentage on the total amount used to purchse of art materials..

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