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Monday, August 23, 2010

Process of Painting Abstracts

Abstract painting is one of the most difficult to make. Landscapes and other art has certain reference and guidance but abstraction is a sign of evolved artist. Here I discuss about
one of my very early paintings. It was a wonderful feeling. 'Possessions'. Abstract painting I felt that it was like a journey. The layers came over one another and the whole process was very enlightening. The original painting concept, is taken as the thought of the artist and later  working and reworking over it brings out an unique work. I was surprised with the result
First and formost the artist has to be free of any thoughts . Just the discovery of an abstract art is wonderful. This painting has a soothing and serene look and the viewer is forced to come closer to think about the images and colours. This painting evokes a special response from the viewer and even I got very good comments on display in an exhibition..
This is again one of my favourites!
Wow what colours and evokes a special response. This is not a totally abstract work and it is symbolic and representative of what the artist wishes to communicate to the viewer. The title is apt and appropriate for the painting.
Over a decade I have been painting and still these works have a very special place in my heart. The process begins with feelings and emotions of the artist. Selection of colours are definitely influenced by the emotions of the artist. Every artist has different techniques and processes to achieve an abstract. Some do sketching and later go into abstraction by using colour filling techniques whereas some artists just load the brush and let their emotions play with the paints and canvas. And lo! the rhythm and feelings give an excellent work. Usually an abstract painting cannot be planned and it is a flow which cannot be guided or controlled. Hence abstracts are unique works and mostly the viewer has to connect with it to buy the abstract works. This has also led to lesser sales of abstracts but now due to awareness about abstracts people are opening up to the concept of abstract art and also the uniqueness is the plus point of abstract art. No two works will be the same even if done by the same artist.

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