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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Symbolic Paintings

Symbolism is one of the categories of paintings. It has been followed by many artists over the years who come to be known as symbolic artists. Many artists use symbols and different icons to represent their thoughts and emotions. These symbols may be  any religious symbols or may be some representative symbols. 
Many religions have deities that are painted by symbolic artists and these artworks are also sold on emotional basis as they have the market always. Some people prefer buying other symbols representing some concepts.  Like a ladder symbolizes success and upward progress, a lamp symbolizes hope whereas a lotus symbolizes enlightenment. Birds are representative of freedom and waterfalls in a painting represent financial growth. Green pictures of plants and flowers indicate prosperity.
Understanding symbolic artworks also depends upon each individuals experiences and cultural preferences. Colours also are used differently by symbolic artists to represent different themes.Some countries symbolize white colour for mourning whereas some represent it for purity. Every artist has their own choice of colours and colour meanings.
Before going in for purchase of symbolic art one has to first think about our own experiences and likes and dislikes. Some people are not comfortable with religious symbols hung on their walls and may prefer other representative symbols in artworks. It is also possible to get a commissioned painting from the symbolic artist according to our tastes if the artist is also a commissioned painter. Talking over and meeting the artist personally and understanding the artworks helps in making the right purchase of symbolic artworks.

(THE RED PILGRIM -Mrs Rizwana A. Mundewadi.This is my self description of a spiritual person who does not have to renounce the world and all relations and materialistic things to be a pilgrim. Any person can be very enlightened and spiritual as well as religious and also balance the worldly desires. One does not need to garb a white cloth and leave all  materialistic things and enjoyment to prove that they are spiritual and religious.
The red pilgrim is on a spiritual  journey , having the glow outside as well as within.
This painting is done in one sitting)

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