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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Buying Paintings from Emerging Artists

Every artist is on a journey. It is just when you meet them you realize at which step of the ladder they are on to. The process goes on even when they have not displayed their work to public art galleries. This is a creative progress and growth which cannot be changed or directed has to go according to the flow.
The Red Pilgrim
When ever you visit an art gallery and view works hung on the walls you are wondering about the different themes and topics the artist has selected. Well this all depends upon the artist and their style of working. Some may be symbolic painters , some landscape artists and some abstract artists. Some only prefer to do portraits and some are comfortable with still life's. Judging their works will be injustice to the efforts put in by the artist as every artist is proud of their works.
Before going in for purchase one has to inquire about the history and past experiences of the artist. This helps in understanding their works. Every art gallery guides you with the purchase and also connects you with the artists. The paintings bought from emerging artists are comparatively less priced  than works of established artists. It is advisable to buy art from reputed galleries who give certified documents for the purchase. This authentication certificate is very essential as the prices of these artworks may shoot up and you may end up owning a heirloom! This is affordable art and also the new artists are encouraged in the beginning of their career. Even interior decorators can go in for purchase from emerging artists as they have fresh topics and colours used in their artworks that blend and contrast beautifully in the latest decor arrangements. Symbolic art is emerging as many people opt for symbols of religion creatively painted and also some prefer abstract artworks that blend with their decor.
All the Best from Rizwana!
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