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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Opportunities to Survive Your Artistic Career

Every artist is faced by this dilemma in their lives while painting. Even I go through these phases. Art materials are costly and artist get this itch of continuing to paint! Don't know how other people manage those who have to run their house on this income? also this career does not give any immediate returns.
Have seen many an artist work as something else and art takes a backseat in their lives. Some art graduates also do not pursue this field even after being qualified and gradually the art in them dies a slow death.
whenever I get monetary gifts or the savings from households ..i do not wish for any goodies. or food items or new clothes not even jewellery  all I want is some art materials and i am the most happy person!
and my magic genie knows this!
This is faced by all artists at some time or the other even more so when they are new artists struggling for recognition. At such times artists must find another source of income to survive. They can hold a job as an art teacher if they have a degree in fine arts. This will give them the regular monthly income and also support their artists career.
Many artists also begin art classes for children and adults who are interested in learning to paint. Some write books or work in advertising agencies where artists are required. You can also do as Short term course in graphic designing as I have done to understand colours.  Artists can get offers for assignments on free lance basis or full time graphic work. Some artists also work as cartoonists and fashion designers in magazines or with private concerns. Some work in designing t shirt prints or designs for tops. One can also make designs for tiles, upholstery and scarves by using your artistic skills.
The most important point here by mentioning all this is that it has been proved that artists have to struggle before getting established in the field of art and the bottom line here is to survive till you get your chance for fame!

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