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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Your best critique

Every artist grows under criticism  Critiques always encourage by giving critical appraisal about art works. . Over the years getting your paintings critically approved increases confidence about your art and as the years go by  you don't care about anyone's opinion 'I am as I am and I paint what I like and where my inspiration goes. There is no need to observe other works or others art... it just flows and lays itself on the canvasses'.
Every artist has to be open to criticism. If there is a desire to learn and progress in art then one must be willing to be able to listen and accept critiques opinions. I know it is very difficult when you have taken a lot of pains to make a work of art and some one just quotes 'so you paint, even my five year old niece is doing the same !' or even better! well just smile and accept the comment.People who know about art only they can respect art. Just don't let anybody demoralize you. Go ahead and accept their opinions. Remember they are not God and everyone has a right to express. But if you are the sensitive type or you realize that some people deliberately want to let you down please be away from such negative influences.
It will definitely help to find out your best critique because that will make your art grow. Opinions from family, friends or some fellow artist just find some one who helps to bring out the best in you.

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