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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Care of Paintings

Paintings are the soul of artist . They need as much care as any other part in your life. People buy paintings for decorating as highlight in a room or for symbolic purposes. Many of us are not aware that only purchasing an expensive artwork does not guarantee its long life.
1)Care has to be taken to hang it at a comfortable level to avoid fingering by smalll children and pets.
2)Keep it clean by wiping oil paintings on canvas with a soft muslin cloth. Care has to be taken about the cloth material used for wiping as rough materials can damage the paint or other materials used in the paintings.
3) Hang it away from the window. Strong breeze and sunlight may fade the colours of your artworks.
4) Glass frames can be cleaned with wet sponge but take care to have corners inside the frame of good quality. This allows your paintings to breathe and avoids fungus growth on the artworks.
5)Keep paintings away from moisture and damp environment. They may show fungus growth and lead to long term damage to artworks and canvas.
6) It is advisable to ask the artist from whom you have purchased the artwork , especially in cae of collages and other media artworks as they need special care for cleaning and handling.
7) Paintings are an asset and they grow in value over the years so treat your artworks as special and they will reward you.

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