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Friday, August 27, 2010

Painting of Flowers

Painting flowers is the most easiest as well as the most difficult topic an artist can choose. Though it is the first and foremost topic every artist chooses as nature is the beginning of every learning process. There are plenty of models available for nature drawing but the most common ones selected are the sunflower, hibiscus flower and the rose flower.
After seeing many works it is understood that roses are the most difficult to paint. Nature is unique and it can never be copied. The successful painting of flowers of an artist is when the viewer is fascinated by the works and has most resemblance to nature. The captured moment and the colours selected can depend upon the artists mood while painting that particular work.
One can select a stem of flower and place it on a table at the correct position. Observe the colour, petals, leaves and also very importantly the lght coming from which direction. This gives the paintign a personalized look. Some artist even go that one step further and paint the eaten leaves and the dried edges of leaves! Correct colour mixing and application is important to get the nearest result resembling the original flower. Taking examples from nature is the best and many artists specialize in this theme of flowers and nature works.

Here is My First painting.
Hibiscus flowers.
Inspiration from a picture. (Mrs Rizwana A.Mundewadi,Year 2000). The picture had words 'outstanding' and this gave me inspiration to work on it. The background used in this painting is by mixing of many greens and browns!
(Painting by Mrs. Rizwana A. Mundewadi,year 2000) The photograph has not turned up well. This is an example of abstraction in flower. This painting is also done using a reference photo but the colours and backgrounds are done differently. Use of silver colour has made the painting unique.
The Yellow Champa flowers.  (Year 2000.Mrs. Rizwana A.Mundewadi)
Other flowers like canna, lotus,jasmine and lillies are also favorite among artists for paintings. Using reference photos is only a way to begin painting and an artist may not always require one. They can also paint by imagination according to their experiences.
Paintings of flowers are most common and the most selling artworks nowadays. Since these artworks are reasonably priced they come into the range of affordable art and also paintings of flowers have a universal appeal.

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