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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Simple Information on Cho Ku Rei Reiki Power Symbol for healing paintings

The Reiki symbols used in my healing paintings have been used traditionally in all healing processes. As a Reiki Master uses those symbols which they are guided to use, the symbols make their presence during the healing sessions, so also during painting healing art some symbols come easily in the psyche and mind alerts to use them. With few Reiki symbols my favourite I do love the "Cho Ku Rei"Power symbol very much and this is seen in most of my healing paintings.
Cho Ku Rei indicates strength and power.This Reiki symbol is used in most and all healing to increase the power of all other symbols used. It promotes action and movement and hence helps in healing. As the power symbol represents energy , that with a clear focus, direction and purpose, this Cho Ku Rei Reiki symbol has many benefits. The intention and positive visualization of the healer is must otherwise they are just lines. This Reiki symbol indicates the power of the whole universe for the purpose intended. Cho Ku Rei literally means'by the Emperors Command' , that means 'what must be shall be".
Used in healing this Reiki power symbol  can work miracles in curing and healing types of illnesses, mental, psychological, physical as well as karmic. My healing paintings  address many issues which include the earth luck as well as heaven luck. Balancing the two worlds , one of physical and other spiritual , leads to complete harmony and prosperity. As all the energy is focussed in the particular place where the symbol is used the Reiki symbol paintings can be used for many purposes.
Healing health problems ,chronic diseases and psychological problems can be healed faster with Reiki along with medical therapy. Children, plants, pets, home, car, property, garden in fact any thing can be healed from your child's study table to your door mat all can be reiki charged to welcome good luck , good health and prosperity.
Magnification of Energy, Original healing painting by Mrs. Rizwana A.Mundewadi
The Cho Ku Rei is written in two forms clockwise and anticlockwise. The clockwise Cho Ku Rei Reiki symbol is used to increase focus and power whereas the anticlockwise symbol is used to remove negativity and protect from harmful energies. A very good protection symbol this Reiki traditional symbol is used in all healing and is an important part of Reiki. Healing Reiki paintings will improve the environment. The healing paintings can be programmed for personal purposes according to your problems and issues to be sorted out. Reiki energy will find its place where it is needed most in your life and sort out every aspect of your life.

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