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Friday, August 1, 2014

Which paintings to hang above bed in Bedroom Important Tips for Bedroom Paintings Never Hang These Painting in Bedroom

Bedroom a place where our body relaxes, refreshes and is ready for the next day re energized needs to have the décor with utmost care. One wrong move, object or artwork can spoil the serenity and space of your bedroom, which will affect your good nights sleep, and which in turn will affect  your life and health and thus in the long run your wealth.
Active Orange Healing Reiki Art for Happiness
Designer Hearts Feng shui for  Love and Happiness
Paintings are an important part of every décor and especially in bedrooms people select some paintings to be displayed in this special room to reflect their tastes and likes.  The best place we see paintings in bedrooms are just above the head rest, over the bed. A lot of people choose floral artworks, landscapes till lifes and so on. We also see a lot of contemporary abstract paintings today with splashes of vibrant colors in bedrooms. Every painting has its own energy and can affect your sleep thus.
Pink Hibiscus Acrylic Painting

Best paintings to hang in bedroom-
1) Floral art in soothing colors, go in for beautiful colorful flowers, they always refresh.
2) Abstracts that have soothing colors and have happy names. Saw an abstract painting titled ‘to be or not to be’ good for the title but the times you repeat the name for your guests  will affect your psyche negatively.
3) Still lifes are great way to welcome good luck in soothing forms. Pots always are good symbolism for any room and one can also use this energy in the bedroom.  Avoid colors black and dull broken chipped pots still life paintings, please, they represent broken relationships.
Never hang these paintings in bedroom-
1) Landscapes with sharp pointed mountains , strong stormy seas and clouds. Dull dried leaves, deserts, barren land,
2) Birds that eat humans, and vultures, etc.
3) Water scenes are a complete no no as in feng shui, never place water element in bedroom in any form.
4) figurative painting with three characters are also very harmful for the bedroom above the bed as they promote the energy to bring a third person  in the relationship. 
5) fish tanks, moving fishes or water and sea paintings adversely affect the relationship between the couple, in extreme cases also leading to separation or divorce.
 All the Best from Rizwana!

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