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Friday, June 27, 2014

Blue will drive away customers from your restaurant Importance of Color in any Profession

Profession and colors are symbolically linked together. When we mention hospitals the images that  immediately come to our mind are white, pastels and off whites. Just so when we mention restaurants we get a picture of some thing brings and photos of fruits and vegetables or non veg treats. Color is very important in any profession and this can be incorporated as color of walls, color of accessories in room, color of upholstery, color of paintings etc.
Color has the power to influence our minds and in many ways it can either bring loads of success or mar away business altogether. Today in contemporary furniture and modern décor where people are spending quite huge sums on decorating the space to bring good luck and success the wrong choices in color can have drastic effects and sometimes not so good ones on your business.
Symbolically color has been used since years right from old ages as the tribal community used natural color to enhance and decorate walls of their homes. Thus came in color. Each and every color and even shades and hues have different psychological effects on our mind and thus affects our profession and business.
While red has been used to represent anger, passion, power in Chinese feng shui red has been given a lot of importance as an energy color to attract positivity and wealth. White has gone back stage today as the homes and offices are going colorful with the effects of color psychology gaining momentum.
Blue is a soothing and relaxing color. The properties of blue in the color wheel also indicate it is a cool color and recedes in the picture or image. Blue has been used in paintings as of clear blue skies and blue flowers in nature. While cubism and geometry gives blue a color that can create magic contrasts with vibrant oranges and reds and even greys, blue is one color that can have strong effects to any room energy.
Lilacs, purple and turquoise come close to blue and are also in the similar cool color psychological effects. Professions like Medical, healing, and clinics all benefit from cool colors while restaurants and gymnasiums, or any businesses involving people energy require energy colors like red, orange, maroon, yellow etc.
Speaking of restaurants blue color will drive away your customers and no wonder they also may lose appetite in the relaxing environment. Having large spaces of blue on walls or in large paintings can have drastic effects on the eatery business. Customers when they come to a restaurant need to be developed an inviting energy and also one that increases their appetite. Imagine inviting steamy dishes or colorful vibrant fruits paintings hanging on the walls , they immediately make the energy of this space inviting, improves appetite and your customers may end up eating a little more than planned.
In food business food art is also making waves. Presenting food in attractive manner is one way to trickle the senses and create aesthetic appeal to your food. Restaurants are an energy places where people come to refresh their energy by eating and the space should also do just that. Having blue in a hotel or dining area will have opposite effects on their mind and even lose appetite or drive away your customers.
In feng shui the color of fame is red and the use of this color in south , south east  is very beneficial. Blue the color of element water, comes in the north. In the food business you can hang artworks that represent energy to attract more customers. Inviting, appealing, tasty treats and steaming hot food dishes are enough to invite clients to your restaurants and keep them coming for more!
Take Care and All the Best from Rizwana!
'The Royal Ripple' symbolic healing Reiki symbol  painting for good luck in business (this artwork is sold)

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