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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Where to hang bird paintings Never Display these Bird paintings Symbolism of wish fulfillment birds in feng shui artworks

Birds have been symbolic of bringing growth , happiness and prosperity. Since ancient ages birds have brought news from far away lands and many love stories swear by sending messages through white doves, birds.  Birds in feng shui have strong symbolism as they represent heaven luck. Colorful feathers and their life style to soar high in the sky are some important symbolic considerations why birds are of great value in feng shui.
Birds in Feng shui also represent growth and prosperity, wealth. While people still believe that bird droppings over your head brings about some good news removing or breaking their nests is a bad sign of ill luck coming your way. Displaying bird paintings at home or office is a way to invite this luck into your lives.
Bird paintings when displayed at home or office invite new opportunities, new friends and also business offers and wealth.  When displayed in education sector they bring about fulfillment of foreign academic travel luck. There have been great feng shui success cases where people have displayed tow love bird sand found their true soul mate in life. So also unhappy marriages and relationship problems have been sorted by displaying happy couple birds paintings.
The birds in your paintings need not be actual photographs of birds and can be artworks with colors and energy that you love. Today we see a lot of symbolic modern contemporary bird paintings that can go very well with your home decor and life style. 
South west can benefit for relationships and family ties becoming stronger, spreading love between family by displaying bird paintings.  Symbolically making a customized healing feng shui symbolic artwork with the of your wish along can help immensely. Example if you wish your partner to return hold the image in the beak of the bird and display it coming in with good news. So also if you wish for success in a business proposal , good news, the same works here with the specific image of business proposal you want.  These are termed wish fulfillment birds in feng shui artworks.
Displaying a peacock, rooster, doves, sparrows,  phoenix, flock of cranes, swans, love birds nesting,  all symbolize good luck and prosperity.
Feng shui Bird Symbolic Healing painting by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
Usually according to feng shui the element wind and sky the ruling element is metal and sector is north and north west. But you can also display birds in other sectors provided the artworks has symbolic colors and images of that corresponding element in them, in other sectors to invite a different energy in your life.
Never display these bird paintings at home or office-
1) Angry birds- represent fighting energy that  spreads into your home and office.
2) Dead birds, bad feng shui stagnant energy , blocks your life energy.
3) Vultures and man eating birds, bad sign of distress for business and wealth.
4) Single lonely birds bring an energy that may end up leaving the person alone.
5) Abnormal birds, injured, sick, lonely, tired, sad,  representation of birds in artworks is not a good energy and must never be displayed at home or office.
6) never display birds paintings with images of birds in relationship area going out of the home as they take away most of the luck and also many members of family move out, leading to strained relationships and empty houses.
Consider these few simple tips before buying bird painting and invite heaven luck into your lives.
All the Best from Rizwana!
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