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Friday, November 25, 2016

Latest Decor Trends Art for Divider Walls Some Important Tips While Selecting Art for Dividing rooms

Circles of Wisdom Rizwana M
 Art a great wall to dress up your walls. Art and paintings can be used creatively in interior decor adding some style and glamour to your home decor by using art as panels and wall dividers.
The Young Guitarist Art on Divider wall panel. 
The boring walls that divide rooms bring in cutting Feng Shui energy and casually when it is the dining and kitchen it divines the energy flow. This can be easily balanced with great Feng shui wall paintings on panels and divider walls. this will neutralize the negative shar energies and bring in harmony and connectivity among rooms.
Then also rooms divided with strong walls take up space and panels and partitions that are sliding and light are always welcome with space crunches.
Art on walls of partitions, sliding walls, panels looks great and can uplift the energy of any space.
Some important tips while choosing art for divider walls and as partitions-
1) If the living room and dining area is divided choose colorful art. Avoid dried dark sunset landscapes.  Avoid black and white art. Avoid single people, single tree, one bird in art,a s this attracts loneliness energy, not good for living rooms or dining areas.
Purple Fire Art as Divider Wall Panel
2) Divider walls are sliding or thin, choose paintings that are appropriate in size and light weight. A heavy installation will mar the effect of divider walls and take more space than determined.
3) Always choose paintings smaller than the panels and divider walls.Keep space for movement with hands and sliding handles a bit away from art.  In case of design prints as stickers , wall decals you can go in with the full divider covering. Usable/ handling area must be left with darker color to avoid finger prints.
Hand of protection Healing Art as Divider wall panel RizwanaAM

4) Dividers are multipurpose and slid can be used as required. in case the room is required without the divider your arty pieces must go along well with the modern decor of your living room.
Mystical Blooms Art on Sliding walls
5) Choose art carefully keeping in mind the inmates interests, lifestyle and home decor. In case you are hanging a pricey original art piece on the divider wall see that it is protected  and off limits from young children and pets, both are known to be highly inquisitive, full of energy and they love to scratch!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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