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Friday, December 2, 2016

Energy of your home while you choose art prints for your wall ! Some Tips for judiciously adding art to your life with art prints

What do you express when you add up a whole lot of art prints to your home wall? Think about this!
On a mug
While art prints are available , now , so easily, almost every other arty website offers cheap art prints of just about any masters! So you think why not buy a whole lot, many art prints and decorate a whole wall, isn't it so classy and arty!
Well no,
1) the energy of art prints is zero!
2) as also the social status of an art print is always considered, and  truly is,  lower than an original painting. So your home looks like just any other home with art decorated but not classy and
3) what more these cheap art prints also do end up in bins with a least hint of redecorating thought.
So does this reflect you and your personality and your value system, give this a thought. Would you share with the same excitement a conversations about  a wall covered with many cheap art prints?
People do tend to buy a whole lot of art prints as they are easily available and really dirt cheap! Then also there is tendency to go over board by adding up too much for your walls, as price does not matter while buying prints, they are very cheap as compared to originals.

Original painting print
 Then I also chanced upon printing sites that let you get customized printed objects and prints. So Karma is let aside and people go ahead and copy paste images they like for free and get these framed! think about this...
The Feng Shui energy of your home in every aspect of your life will reflect your simple decisions. While people question the effects of Universe, they hardly give a thought for their actions.
Some Mistakes with Cheap art prints displayed on walls-
1) Most of the times they are emotional decisions going with colour , price, and hardly any thought given to symbolism, obviously it may sometimes backfire from Feng Shui  energy point of view.
2) Art prints are printed commercially and have no personal energy.
3) They are produced in such large numbers almost you bump up in every next home with the same art print!
4) Packages and Offers on combinations, again a mistake as you may be  forced, to buy the other art prints also and tend to bring in not so good energy.
5) Sizes may differ and in case you tend to choose according to cheapest ones, so the quality of the art prints also may differ.
6) Art prints do look like prints! the whole atmosphere looks artificial and mars the decor element of your space. They are flat, and even, hardly any thing more than an image.
7) Overdoing is one thing you tend to do with cheap art prints! There is a tendency to add up too much! which transfers to the whole room decor and lowers the complete style quotient.
If you are about to buy art prints for your walls-
1) Go for art you love and not just the famous artists art prints as these prints are  almost everywhere.
2) Try to find out about prices , original art is affordable nowadays and you may end up buying an original hand painted artwork in the same price or a bit higher! hand made Energy is beautiful and irreplaceable!
3) Choose carefully art for walls going about with some Feng Shui knowledge and guidance, thus also utilizing the art print  for your benefit.
4) For gifting purposes try to avoid prints , they show your thoughts and also may not be appreciated by the receiver, especially one at a higher post,  as an original artwork is. Most often gifted art prints end up being gifted to some one else! they don't find a home soon!
5) Avoid large sized art prints, they are flat and sometimes even ordinary road side stall  posters are well off then these.
6) Prints are  a respite in special areas and public places where it is not safe to hang original costly paintings. smaller ones can be added to areas and spaces where original art work display is risky and avoided. Like the one who wanted to activate the wealth sector that came in the garage sector, so a cheaper print , purchased along with  hand signed by the artist is good.
Bill boards with original art print
Hoarding in public places original art print.
7) The painting prints will not be able to show the textures or effects, they are flat images, so might as well buy a cheaper poster that is glossy and attractive.
objects knick knacks with original painting print
8) buy art prints from artists, they will be supported and encouraged as also a gesture from your side to help seem one pursue their dreams and those who give their life for art!
Magazine covers original art print
Throw pillows with original painting print
Mobile cover original painting print 
9) Objects with original art printed over them are a great way to add up art prints and they also look unique in modern decor. Websites offer artists to post their art and they are  paid a sum amount for these sale of prints.
T shirt with original painting print
Mug with original painting art print
And if you are about to download free art prints!
1) They always have their logo imprinted so it is not such a good sight to display these , especially horses artwork prints with blobs of logo breaks the energy here.
2) Most of the times people want to activate Feng Shui sectors and go ahead and print art prints in their homes without permission of the artist, and wonder why the Feng Shui cures are not working!
3) Free art prints have no status or symbolic value. and also are not a topic to share in any conversations!
So why not leave the art prints for objects of desire and for your walls choose some original art! your walls will thank you!and your Feng Shui sectors will be activated as well!
Original hand painted Reiki symbol painting
All the Best from Rizwana!
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