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Monday, June 23, 2014

Importance of Bubble Wrap in Packaging and Shipping Paintings Why Bubble Wrap is important in packing and how to choose bubble wrap

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Bubble wrap the wonderful cover that came with all electronic equipment and we all enjoyed (and still do) the bubbles coming up on the plastic sheet, popping the bubbles is still a very great feeling! . What to use as packing material for shipping paintings, when we send anything by (shipping) courier, the object has to face them all; air, winds, rains, sunlight and the temperature differences while travelling by air. Yes your artwork has to be packed tough enough to face all these and reach the destination  in one piece.
Hence packing a painting for shipment is very important and the best quality materials need to be used to pack and wrap the paintings for shipping. Bubble wrap is one common material that is used in packing many things for shipment. From latest mobile phones and electronic equipments to paintings and important pieces of jewellery boxes all are usually wrapped in bubble wrap.
Packing Paintings for Shipping
What is a bubble wrap? it is a plastic sheet with lots of bubbles over it on one side and the other side is flat and smooth. There is air trapped in the bubbles thus making an external protective layer raised from the plain plastic sheet cover. It also helps when paintings are to be stacked one over the other as they have this protective layer in between.
The purpose of bubble wrap is to protect the object from external pressures and handling and also the surfaces of the object from getting abrased. When you see how the packages are off loaded on air port you will just realize how much important your packing procedures are and the bubble wrap is a saver, as it absorbs shock and friction.
While buying bubble wrap and packing paintings for shipping consider these important points-
1) Buy bubble wrap according to the destination you require to send the paintings, there are many many qualities available and in many budget ranges and prices vary a lot. In case of local / hand delivery a thinner bubble wrap also will do for packing your work of art.
2) If the art has to be shipped internationally  we need good quality bubble wrap that can withstand the pressures faced from transport. A thicker one that is more strong is best.
3) The prices of bubble wrap vary a lot and this all depends upon the quality, thickness of the bubble wrap you are buying.There are so thin bubble wraps, very cheap,  that even tear with hand and are of no use.
4) While packing paintings for shipment in bubble wrap see that the artworks are completely dried off well. Other wise the paint will stick to the bubble wrap and  peel off when removed with packing.
5) On dropping accidentally or any other object falling over the artwork , a good quality bubble wrap absorbs this and also protects the art from damage. Hence it must be thick enough.
6) Always keep written instructions for opening the package on the outside and write details of packing materials to the buyers of paintings , receivers of artwork. As they can open the package with care.
7) using adhesive tapes and cello tapes for binding the bubble wrap must be such that it over laps the bubble wrap and does not in any way reach the painting in any form. As tapes have a bad tendency of getting stuck up and in case your bubble wrap is smaller even a bit the tape in contact with surface of the painting on opening may peel off the paint and spoil the painting. Hence take precaution to take extra packaging bubble wrap that falls over the painting surface and protects it. 
8) While packing framed paintings the surface coming in contact is direct  glass and this is very fragile. So artists also pack thermocol sheets, cardboards, paper sheets,  inside to absorb external forces while shipping.
Bubble wraps have become very important material in packing and shipping anything especially  paintings when we have to send internationally, and they play an important role in the protection  of your shipped paintings. Buy very good quality or medium quality bubble wraps depending upon the destination your artwork has to be sent.
So while my package is ready to be shipped, wishing you 
All the Best from Rizwana!


  1. great post and very informative. Read our post , Advantages of using Air Bubble Wrap, i hope you like our article

    1. Thank you RDH packing Solutions for the lovely post, yes visited your blog, its so informative and helpful! Thanks for coming by Razarts!
      All the Best from Rizwana!


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