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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

wrongly hung horse painting can create more havoc in your life than bring in prosperity Is your Horse Painting Energy Trampling Your Life

Horse paintings have come to take a prominent place in buying of art due to this year being the  Chinese Year of the Horse. From one to pair to seven or eight horse are in paintings running, galloping or striding away with lots of energy. Some symbolism tips while buying and hanging horse paintings.
Have a look at different horse paintings of different patterns and elements.  A pair of horses looking like fighting, playing over, maybe few horse all  running different directions. Some works show off all horse running in one direction and one or two in another.
While horse paintings are proved as feng shui energy luck cures and help to attract loads of good luck, wealth and career energy they also have some important energy rules while selecting horse artworks. Sometimes unknowingly the horse energy might trample into your life energy and create havoc without you even realizing.
Trampling or stamping actions of horse are also often seen in artworks of horses.  The horse is ready to charge with hoofs raised and anyone going under it will be trampled to dust. Symbolically the horse work may have great colors and strokes but energy wise the artwork will have this energy all through and spread it wherever it is hung.  Such works emit an emotion of fear and restlessness while viewing them often but some people select such works of art and even display them in prominent places in their homes . If such horse pieces are displayed in any area they will emit a negative energy to the viewer and they will always feel threatened and in fear of getting over ruled by competitors.
In spaces of element of water they will bring energy for career but the bread earner may have head strong motivation for only work and tend to neglect health or family. Children suffer by horse paintings a lot as this is a very strong horse energy and they feel the over powering presence of being trampled by running horses.
Stamping foot or hoofs in charged motion are loved by people as they see the visual impact that the energy is ready to help them move ahead and also increase wealth and welcome new opportunities. In real facts, observe the horse, they are charged up while running or mostly only run with fear or force.  Also the energy coming from galloping horse is very strong, imagine standing in between a group for running horses, emits fear of getting trampled or stamped, crushed  below.
Ride a horse, this will give a better understanding of horse energy. First of all they are so focused that they become insensitive. They do not look side but only see ahead which might be great for business and wealth but not for family and personal relationships. Also when you sit for a ride on horse the world is seen from the view of the horse and most times such people are off handed views and tall claims, which may not go off well with other business partners or bosses.
Now such same energy into your home, feng shui , any area this will bring out the same energy response from the viewers. Children who do not like horse riding may get scared of the work of art hanging on your wall. Maybe a spouse my feel threatened or over powered by this energy, which might work both ways, either they work more for success or feel threatened when another partner works more, such works outside or in bedroom create a strong energy not good for bedroom comforts.
There is also a few horse paintings which can bring in loneliness and end up making the viewer alone.  When you are exposed to such energy for long periods this gets embedded into the mind and psyche and begins to manifest itself in reality.  Gifting horse paintings as they will be loved by everyone is another myth as the receiver may not be comfortable with horses or horse energy, unless you know that they are passionate about riding horses!. So also hanging this gift in a wrong place may bring ill luck, restlessness,   to the receiver than good luck.
Another emotion observed from horses is that they only run or make sound when they see a female or hear some loud sound, then they run. They run very fast stamping and crushing anything that comes  in between and stop only when they are tired by the time many things are destroyed.
Not all horse paintings are bad and most are loved by people due to their feng shui energy  and symbolism for benefit for wealth and prosperity.  Select horse paintings with care and also hang them in correct places to benefit from their energy , a wrongly hung horse painting can create more havoc in your life than bring in prosperity!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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