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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Four Clover Luck Symbolism What to do when you find a four clover leaf

Four Clover Luck
Four Clover luck, leaf , rarely found and if seen by some one has traditional symbolic beliefs that it brings goodluck. The four leaves clover, four petals, looks unique, each petal symbolizes a different meaning and energy. There is faith, hope, love and luck.
One learns to trust the Universe and nature has its own way to bring symbolism in front of us in some way or another if we are aware and conscious about this. Symbolizes spiritual growth.
According to Irish lore, each leaf symbolizes differently. Respect, wealth, love, health. The three clover leaf represents Trinity, father, son and the holy spirit. and when a four leaf clover is spotted it represents God's grace.  The color green in Feng Shui symbolizes growth and wealth. It is also considered a symbol of abundance and wealth as greens growing act as food for livestock.  There is a natural fragrance in the clover leaf, bringing about a feeling of well being.
Four Clover plant, Trifolium repens, has one of the leaf slightly smaller than the other three. A symbol of goodluck and prosperity. Charms and lucky amulets are found with the four clove images. Never realized this was such a spiritual experience as I had few months back seen four clovers in our garden popping up naturally in containers. No I did not know about the symbolism back then. Nor about the goodluck symbolism, but after searching Google and reading about the traditions and lores, well it is considered auspicious to spot one, and it is believed to come forhte only for a chosen few, so if you try hard and look for it maybe,  you may not find these.
Then also people believe that these leaves must be stored and gifted to special people to spread the Universe blessings and luck. Well next time I see some , will definitely place them in my book with loads of respect and love! like I have my bird feathers and my Gulmohar flowers petals.
Every symbol that comes up in my mind and keeps repeating,  gets a place in my healing art, the painting above- Four Clover Luck, symbolic, petals, lucky charm, Tibetan Eight auspicious symbols.
What would you do if you find one? well consider yourself lucky, a beautiful symbol from the universe for welcoming its blessings. Luck and blessings come in known and unknown sources and ways, just be alert and happy. Another important point to mention, people I have noticed just go on cloud nine with happiness on finding a four clover leaf, and then just forget about this. , do not forget to keep up your hard work and efforts, it is only then that the effects will gradually, beautifully emerge,  be visible in forms of abundance, healed relationships and wealth luck. Wealth will shower in may ways, and not just money  cash. it can be in form of offers and discounts, unexpected gifts, free passes and even in getting opportunity to spend Awesum times with family togetherness if you long and wish that! The universe keeps blessing us with symbols and I always say, The Universe has everything in abundance, we just have to tap this! Do share your experiences if you find a four clover leaf !
meanwhile obsessively continuing painting, upcycling some old paintings, burning a few , recycling,repainting some!  am in the mood of Christmas fantasy magic and making some beautiful paintings form my heart, trust me, Magic Happens! Magical Sky I want to fly, I Am on The List! Christmas Dreams!
Thank you, All the Best from Rizwana!
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