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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It was never about money! - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio

why do you paint? to earn $, pay your bills, you may have umpteen reasons for why you paint. It was never about money for me right from the beginning. The search for identity, to have a frim ground under my feet, to understand the whole process of the universe, a struggle to connect with the universe, to spread the message of love healing hapiness, a reason for coming to existence, and of course leaving a part of me, some paintings that would bring a smile on your face, that which would strike the right chord,  even after the physical body has left! 

If you are here for money please don't, , many people have mentioned many times to me, that paintings don't sell, so don't waste time , energy and resources. take a different route where you can earn more money.  many famous artists suffered their whole life in poverty, untill their work was recognised acclaimed by the world. This is a trying one, a different path, the less travelled one, where you may get storms and hails, lonliness and solitude, roughness and no place to rest, still you continue the journey..only the selected few..gradually as I heal myself and continue making healing art the whole process has emerged as something different than from where I began. Each unfolding page of life, of the mysteries of nature, the hidden messages of the universe, going with the flow, time and again questioning my existence..

Is it wrong to be happy to see your work on the walls, is it wrong to admire your babies in solitude and among people, is it wrong to feel great with the signing off of an completed artwork, what does the signature mean.. why the innermost need to leave a part of is more about identity, more about recognition, more about sharing your emotions and yes I do agree money also is a part, but only a very very small part of the whole journey. It is ony a side dish, a by product of this spiritual journey .. as I continue to paint happy healng art, with the aim of making art and leaving the rest to God, I thank him for the art materials and the creative flow..which is replenished as I slow down immediately.. so much to paint, so much to write.. so little time.. 

One point of tip while I sign off, painting big canvasses be prepared for more time, more paint, and more energy!  had to stop in between , finisihed Titanium white, and hands still aching , took longer than expected to finish this art work, but am happy with , admiring the new entrant that already existed in my mind and enjoys now a prideful place on our wall!. Portfolio

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