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Monday, November 26, 2012

The New Young Art Collector of Today Beginning a New Art Collection

New art collector of today, searching for art, the journey of growing an art collection begins with first simple baby steps and over the years our collector has a prized collection of art. This collection may be from many different artists around the globe or some favorite artists that have been painting since few years.
The new art collector today with the motive of beginning a classic precious art collection are in search of fresh or old art from art galleries  art dealers  online art galleries and also  from other art collections of reputed art collectors.
 Buying art for collection, our young new art collectors review art around the globe with the intention of buying art , searching always for buying cheap paintings, buying from new artists, promising artists or serious artists. Beginning an art collection as a hobby would be  a good sport if you buy calculated art, that is in a fixed budget regularly for starting a new art collection. The journey has to be with total involvement from the new art collector as owning each artwork gives immense satisfaction and as the paintings collection grows the art collectors is happy to show off the prized collections they own. Art as an investment is beginning to take form and as art is available in different budget ranges you need not spend a fortune to begin a new art collection.
The whole process may require years, maybe a lifetime with generations,  or sometimes few years to have a strong art collection. Beginning with buying small artworks directly from new promising artists the new young art collector can begin an art collection with small investment. You may as a new collector also approach reputed art galleries, online art galleries and of course the most sought after reputed art dealers who would be more than happy to guide you in this process.
On the personal art front a new healing painting uploaded on my favorite online at galleries
Forgiveness by Rizwana Mundewadi
A Reiki symbol healing painting, the process of forgiveness from the universe, a symbolic painting using symbols and color symbolism in this expressionist representational  art.
All the Best!
Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art


  1. Thanks for your insights! I love it. I am an advocate collector of hand blown glass figures from from new artists, promising artists, and serious artists from Russia. Most of their items are sold online like in eBay and in

    1. Thank you Lizzie for coming by razarts.
      very nice to know you are an art collector.
      Take Care and All the Best!


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