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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Divine Luck a Symbolic Reiki Healing Oil Painting

Divine Luck a Symbolic Healing Painting by Rizwana A
Divine luck as the name suggest is a symbolic healing painting to attract divine blessings from the universe. The universe has everything in abundance ,we just have to tap this. The intention of healing paintings is to bring about a focused mind in positive direction towards good prosperity and balanced living. Often the body and the past karmic issues hinder the progress of the individual and this is what we often term as luck.
This oil painting done on canvas has Reiki symbols along with Reiki Seichem symbols.
Symbols for grounding self with earth's electro magnetic energy, very essential to maintain stability in life, relationships and career wealth.Sacred geometry used to represent movement in the universe to bring about positive change in karma. Understand this healing painting in detail by this video.
The Reiki Seichem symbol Harth forming the core of this oil painting is found to heal all heart issues and emotional issues. The Reiki purification symbol Se he Ki, one of my favorite symbols is found to purify the whole environment and self from all negative energies.
Divine Luck

Size 29.5x19.5 Inches
Medium Oil Painting on Canvas
Year 2012
Thank you!


  1. All paintings are hand-painted oil paintings .The quality of paint pigment is stable and the color is not easy to change, which is up to the international detection standard of environmentally friendly materials. We pursue high quality of the painting and precise control of the detail.

  2. Susan thanks for dropping by, do share about the hand painted artworks with environment friendly materials


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