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Friday, November 23, 2012

Rizwana A Mundewadi 'Golden Rainbow' Painting Oil, 2012

The Golden rainbow, a colorful abstract symbolic painting of core star shining golden rainbow is  a Colorful Symbolic abstract painting inspired by the years I have spent in the garden, close to nature, viewing every detail, especially the sky, at different times of the day and night, sometimes middle of the night when they(stars) are at their best, shining pure bright, in the clear night sky, and the stars..communicating, there is a belief that each star connects to you and is called the Core Star, which in Reiki healing we have to connect and make it shine, make the core star shining bright in the universe.
The constellations fascinated me and the stars in Orion's belt, three in a line and Cereus that shines brightest, here the inspirations comes out on oil sketch paper in form of golden rainbow along with the core star shining brightest.And of course my signature style, Chinese symbols, for total happiness and good luck.
You can view The Golden Rainbow here on my Healing Art website
Thank You!

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